33 Years Of Parinda: Anil Kapoor-Madhuri Dixit’s ‘Parinda’ became a game changer film, Vidhu Vinod Chopra was also surprised

New Delhi: It is believed that only heavy-budget films are liked by the audience, but the film ‘Parinda’, released 33 years ago, removes this misconception. Adorned with the music of RD Burman, not only the story, editing and performance of the actors, but the music was also excellent. People still hum the song ‘Tumse Milak… Aisa Laga Tumse Mikal’ sung in the voices of Asha Bhosle and Suresh Wadekar. Directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra, the film received two awards at the 37th National Film Awards. The film ‘Parinda’, released on 3 November 1989, had stars like Madhuri Dixit, Anil Kapoor and Jackie Shroff, but Nana Patekar won the Best Co-Actor Award. met. Not only this, Renu Saluja got the award for the best editing of this film. Won 5 awards in Filmfare. Not only the making of such a tremendous film, but it is a memorable film for the stars.

Who would not remember the unique style of Nana Patekar’s dialogue delivery. Nana’s amazing acting in Parinda was amazing that he got the National Award for Best Supporting Actor. Many memes are often heard on Nana’s dialogues. ‘Parinda’ is a crime drama film which is considered to be the beginning of realism in Hindi cinema. This film was given the tag line ‘The Most Powerful Film Ever Made’.

‘Parinda’ was made in a budget of 12 lakhs

The director of the film, Vidhu Vinod Chopra, while talking to the media himself admitted that ‘still we cannot believe that we had shot this film so many years ago. The budget of the film was also less, and the technology was also not like this. Nowadays technology has become so advanced that film making has become easy, but the entire team of the film made the impossible possible. The action and rest of the scenes of the film were shot brilliantly because the crew members and actors did a tremendous job. Not only this, the film which changed the course of cinema, which is considered a game changer, the budget of that film was said to be only Rs 12 lakh.

Madhuri Dixit gave death scene for the first time

The pair of Jackie Shroff and Anil Kapoor showed tremendous payoff in ‘Parinda’. The film was a huge success when it was released. According to media reports, Naseeruddin Shah was offered the role of Anil Kapoor’s brother, but he refused to do the film saying that when the younger brother i.e. Anil Kapoor is murdered, there will be no one to watch the film. Will not stay in the cinema hall. At the same time, the film’s lead actress Madhuri Dixit played the role of Paro in ‘Parinda’. Madhuri Dixit herself had told about this film that the tagline of the film ‘The Most Powerful Film Ever Made’ completely justifies it. For the first time I gave a death scene in this film. The experience of working in the film was excellent.

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Apart from Madhuri Dixit-Anil Kapoor, Nana Patekar, Jackie Shroff in Hindi cinema’s cult film ‘Parinda’, there were also veteran actors like Anupam Kher, Suresh Oberoi and Tom Alter.

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