8 puny characters turned out to be ‘bombs’ of Superhit films, laughed and laughed, remembers the tremendous performance

Chhota Packet Bada Dhamaka: Often in films everyone talks about the lead actress, actor and villain. Why not even more? All the films are written around them. Now if it is not theirs, then whose will it be? Although sometimes this does not happen. Many times the stars who speak and walk in a strange way, who play small roles in the film, pay all the lime light to the hearts of the audience. Along with the hero, those small characters also remain in the hearts and minds of the audience for a long time. Be it the millimeter of blockbuster film ‘3 Idiots’, Perpendicular of ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’, Kachra Seth of ‘Hera Pheri’. Or the circuit of ‘Munnabhai MBBS’. He is one of the characters who made a big bang in a small packet of all superhit films.

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