80 crores were spent for Oscars? Now SS Rajamouli’s son Kartikeya told the truth

‘RRR’ created history by winning the Oscars. The song ‘Naatu Naatu’ from this movie won the Academy Award for Best Original Song. Soon after this victory various rumors started spreading. Some claimed that the team of RRR had spent Rs 80 crores for the Oscars campaign. Others said the team spent millions attending the Oscars. Now SS Rajamouli’s son SS Karthikeya has reacted to these rumours.

SS Karthikeya dismissed the rumors

‘RRR’ director SS Rajamouli’s son SS Karthikeya has finally debunked all the rumors regarding the money spent for the film’s Oscar campaign. According to a Hindustan Times report, Karthikeya has revealed, ‘I don’t know why there is such a rumor that the RRR team has spent a lot of money for the Oscar campaign. We definitely wanted to promote the Oscars because the audience loved the film. We spent according to the publicity budget. We did everything according to planning.

‘Big joke that if you pay you can buy Oscar’

SS Karthikeya also said, ‘It is a big joke that if we pay, we can buy an Oscar. With a long history of 95 years, it is an institution. There everything happens under a process. I can only say one thing- can we buy the love of the fans? We can’t buy Steven Spielberg and James Cameron’s words about the movie, can we? Fans have given us a lot of publicity.

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So much money was spent on Oscar campaign

Karthikeya also revealed the exact amount spent on the campaign of ‘RRR’. He revealed, “In the West, Hollywood filmmakers approach multiple studios for Oscar campaigns. We didn’t have that opportunity. The budget planned for the campaign is Rs 5 crore. It seemed like too much to us. We did as much as we could. , tried to reduce the cost. We wanted to spend it in three phases. In the first phase we spent Rs 3 crore. After the nomination, we increased the budget. We thought it would be Rs 5-6 crore for the entire campaign , but finally it was Rs 8.5 crores. More screenings were to be done in New York and Los Angeles.

the whole process was like this

There were also claims that the team of ‘RRR’ had to pay over $25,000 to attend the Oscars. Reacting to these rumours, Kartikeya said, ‘Junior NTR, Ram Charan, Prem Rakshit, Rahul Sipliganj and Kaal Bhairav ​​were invited by the Oscar committee. Among the nominations were MM Keerwani and Chandra Bose. Apart from those who are nominated or invited by the committee, they will have to buy Oscar tickets. For this, the nominee has to send an e-mail to the Oscar Committee. Also there are many types of classes. Kirwani emailed Oscar for our family and after checking everything he replied to the mail and sent a link. So we bought each ticket for $1500. This is lower level. We spent another $750 to get four people to sit on top and watch. We have bought tickets. All this has been done officially.

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