Aamir Khan danced like this at the age of 57, Karthik Aryan also faded, video of private wedding went viral

Mumbai. Aamir Khan and Karthik Aaryan’s marriage was fun in a recent wedding. Both the actors attended a wedding held in Bhopal. During this, both the actors, who were seen in traditional outfits, danced their feet on Bollywood songs. The dance video of both of them on the song ‘Tune Maari Entry’, filmed on Priyanka Chopra, Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor, is becoming very viral on social media.

People are very happy to see Aamir and Karthik dancing like this in fun. This is the first time when both the stars have been seen having fun together in an event. Both Aamir and Karthik wore black outfits. In the video, Karthik Jahan is seen trying to do the dance steps of the song. Whereas, Aamir is seen dancing in his own style.

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enjoying every moment
Aamir had talked about taking a break from acting last year. Aamir said, ‘I have been working for the last 35 years. During this, my focus was only on work. I did not spend proper time with the people who were around me. In such a situation, now I want to take a break and spend time with my close people. Seeing 57-year-old Aamir dancing at the wedding, it seems that he is trying to enjoy every moment of his life.

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