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Actress Rambha left Bollywood and started living in Canada twenty years ago, know all about husband and children

Popular actress Rambha, who worked with Salman Khan in the films ‘Judwaa’ and ‘Bandhan’, recently met with an accident. They were accompanied by children and nanny. Rambha has suffered minor injuries, but daughter Sasha is still admitted in the hospital. Rambha has given information about the accident on her Instagram account. Rambha told that this accident happened when she was bringing the children from school. Very few people know that Rambha shifted to Canada after marriage.

Rambha is currently living in Canada and her children also study there. Rambha worked in many films of South as well as Bollywood in the 90s. Rambha’s pairing with Salman was well-liked. But Rambha had said goodbye to Bollywood 20 years ago and then she got engrossed in Bengali and South films.

Marriage at the peak of career, business of Rambha’s husband
But Rambha got married after reaching the peak of her career. In 2010, she married Canadian businessman Inder Kumar Padmanathan (actress Rambha Husband) and settled in Canada. Rambha’s husband has a firm in Canada which makes kitchen and bathroom parts. The name of this firm is ‘Magicwoods’

Rambha’s family and husband, Photo: ETimes

Rambha Car Accident: Bollywood actress Rambha’s car accident in Canada, daughter Sasha admitted to hospital

Rambha’s daughters and son

Rambha has two daughters and sons and a son, who study in Canada. The names of Rambha’s daughters are Padmanathan Sambha and Lavanya Padmanathan. Rambha’s son’s name is Shivin, who is the youngest. Rambha’s first daughter Lavanya was born in 2011, while the actress gave birth to the second daughter in 2015. At the same time, Rambha gave birth to son Shivin in 2018.

rambha daughters

Rambha’s daughters and son, Photo: Twitter

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Why did Rambha leave films?
When Rambha said goodbye to films, the fans were shocked. Everyone was surprised that Rambha left films at the peak of her career. The reason why he left the films was told by Rambha in an interview to ‘Mid Day’ in 2009. Rambha had said that if you do not get any recognition after working for the name and even after work, then what is the use of such work. It is better that he stay at home and take care of the family. Rambha had told that apart from the family, she was handling her production work. In between, he also did some Bengali and Bhojpuri films.

rambha husband daughters

Rambha’s family and husband, Photo: Twitter

Role of prostitute started getting in Bollywood
Rambha had told that there are ups and downs in everyone’s life. There were ups and downs in his life and career as well. According to Rambha, he was getting small roles in Hindi films. They were also demanded that she become a prostitute. But Rambha rejected the offers of all those roles and films. Rambha had said that she wants to do good work. Don’t want to do something that you may regret later.

divorce news from husband

Along with career, there were many problems in Rambha’s personal life as well. In between there were reports of estrangement between her and husband Inder Kumar Padmanathan. The matter had reached the divorce and the custody of the children. However, later everything went well between Rambha and her husband.



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