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After 23 years, suddenly 2 Govinda were seen face to face in the airport, the reaction was funny, watch the video

Body double has been a trend in Bollywood for many years. Many dangerous stunts are done with the body double of the stars. Body doubles of most big stars are easily found in Mumbai. Actor Govinda was also shocked to see his body double after 23 years.

However, later Govinda accepted the gift of a bouquet from his body double and blessed him. Now its video is going viral on social media.

Govinda shocked to see body double
Actually, Govinda had recently reached Mumbai airport with his wife. Govinda, seen in a black getup, arrived here in his red car. After this, he was shocked to see a Govinda already here. Actually here Govinda’s body double had already stood in a suit-boot. Seeing Govinda, the body double moved towards him with a bouquet of flowers in his hands and started touching his feet. After this, Govinda stopped him in the middle and took a bouquet and took photographs in front of the paparazzi. The body double also showed Govinda a photo of the shoot 23 years ago. After this Govinda blessed and moved ahead with his wife.

shadow video on social media
This video of Govinda is becoming fiercely viral on social media. Fans are also registering their reaction on this video. The reactions of the fans have also come to the fore on this funny video. Many fans have praised Govinda for being humble.

So on the other hand, many fans have described this gesture of Govinda as very sweet. Let us tell you that Govinda continued to rule the film world for almost 2 decades. Govinda has not been seen in films for the past few days. Although Govinda continues to participate in TV shows. Recently, Govinda had arrived with his wife in a TV program.

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