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After all, why it is forbidden to wear gold jewelery on feet, know the reason


Jewelry made of gold metal should not be worn on the feet.
It is forbidden in religious tradition to wear gold jewelery on the feet.
Gold jewelery should not be worn below the navel or waist.

The tradition of wearing jewelery like gold, silver, diamonds and pearls is going on since ancient times. Both men and women wear gold jewelry, but especially women and married women wear more gold and silver jewelery. But, wearing jewelery made of gold metal on the feet is considered taboo. Jewelery made of gold can be worn from head to waist only. Even the richest of the rich do not wear gold jewelery on their feet. Do you know why it is forbidden to wear jewelry made of gold on the feet. Delhi’s Acharya Gurmeet Singh Let us know about the reasons related to it.

Religious reasons for not wearing gold on feet
People wear anklets or bichiyas on their feet, which are usually made of silver metal. They should never be worn of gold metal. There is a religious belief about this that gold is very dear to Lord Shri Hari Vishnu, so it should not be worn below the navel or waist. If you wear gold on your feet, then Lord Vishnu gets angry with it. Like Lord Vishnu, Mata Lakshmi ji also loves gold. It is believed that a person wearing gold on his feet is deprived of the grace of Goddess Lakshmi and has to face financial problems.

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Scientific reasons for not wearing gold on feet
There are many such beliefs and traditions related to Hinduism, which also have a scientific reason. One of these is not to wear gold on the feet. Not wearing gold on the feet is also considered correct from a scientific point of view. According to this, the physical structure of the human is such, in which the upper part of the body needs coolness and the lower part only needs warmth. Gold jewelery increases the heat in the body. In such a situation, if you wear gold jewelry on your feet, it can harm your body, so silver jewelery is worn on the feet, so that the body temperature is balanced.

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