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After all, why Mala Sinha had to marry her own husband thrice, the reason will surprise

Mala Sinha Marriage Trivia: Mala Sinha, who won the hearts of the audience with her stellar acting in ‘Pyaasa’, ‘Dhool Ka Phool’ and ‘Maya’, was in the Hindi film industry. Considered to be a very veteran actress. Mala Sinha worked with every big actor in her film career. However, his pairing with Dharmendra was well-liked. At that time, the heart of many actors was restless for Mala Sinha, but Mala Sinha’s heart herself used to beat for someone else. Let’s know about his love story with that actor.

Mala Sinha’s heart used to beat for this actor

You will be surprised to know that while many actors used to like Mala Sinha on one hand, on the other hand, Mala Sinha’s heart remains restless for Nepali actor Chandbar. Both used to love each other with depth of heart and due to this both of them decided to get married.

interruption in marriage

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Although there was no problem in the marriage of Mala Sinha and Chidambaram, but a big problem had come in their marriage. Actually Mala Sinha’s mother was Nepali and father is Christian. Due to this, the matter got stuck in their marriage as to which way they would get married. When Mala Sinha’s family members stuck to their insistence, they decided to follow everyone’s advice and first married according to Hindu rituals, followed by Christian and finally court marriage. Due to this, the actress had to marry her husband thrice. Mala Sinha is now away from films. She now prefers to devote all her time to her family.

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