After divorce, Pooja Bedi did not take a single penny from her husband, used to manage the house and children with an income of 16 thousand

When actress Pooja Bedi called off her marriage, she was worried about her future, her career, her money. A throwback interview of Pooja is going viral on the internet. In it, Pooja Bedi revealed that her life changed after she decided to separate with her husband Farhan Furniturewala. Both married in 1994 and got divorced in 2003. In an interview with Doordarshan Sahyadri, Pooja Bedi was asked how she lived and rebuilt her life after her separation, even though she did not take the alimony money. Bedi, a mother of two including actress Alaya F, said this was the only option left and she took care of herself.

Pooja Bedi said, ‘Where there is a will, there is a way. I know I don’t want to get married, but now I need to find a solution. Problems are many, husband thinks I am the best wife, why should he let me go, but I said, ‘Hello! This is not an idol marriage and maybe you are not a good husband, I want to go. He said no, if I give you the money, you will leave, which I don’t want. I was in trouble because I did not want to be in that marriage.

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Did not go to court for children

She further said, ‘Laws were different at that time, the women’s rights movement was not as active as it is today. So, I asked myself what do I want- do I want to go to court and fight her demanding money. Because it is not that I gave up my career for him, I also made my career with him. We started Furniturewala, we launched it together. Production, delivery, marketing, client handling, I used to do with them. I was part of his company, but not legally. I had also made it with my hard work, but legally my name was not in it, so what should I do. I thought that if I go to court and fight, then there will be bitterness, the children will also be harmed.

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Pooja used to earn 16 thousand

Pooja Bedi said that she then started writing the weekly column, for which she earned Rs 16,000 per month and was happy. That column offered him to host a talk show and then he got a chance in it. She said, ‘Then modeling started, then I started becoming a brand ambassador, hosting events. Within a year and a half, I was driving the same Mercedes.

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