After the father, the husband also left, later the daughters also turned away, the painful life of the actress

Mumbai. Veteran actors were cast in the film Height, released on November 11 last year. Many veteran actors including Amitabh Bachchan, Anupam Kher, Danny Denzongpa and Boman Irani were seen in this film. There was one face in the film that caught everyone’s attention. This actress was Sarika Thakur. Kamal Haasan’s ex-wife Sarika has also been a top actress of her time.

Sarika earned a lot of fame by working in Bollywood films like Razia Sultan, Bade Dil Wale, Kaise Kaise Log, Nastik and Main Qatil Hoon. The 1981 film Kranti is considered one of Sarika’s classic films. Sarika’s personal life was full of sorrows. Born on October 5, 1960 in Delhi’s middle-class family, when Sarika was only 5 years old, her father left her family and went somewhere. After this Sarika’s mother took up the responsibility of feeding the family. Sarika’s mother took her 5-year-old daughter to the world of acting.

Started career as child artist

Sarika first played the character of a small girl in the 1967 film ‘Majhli Didi’. Sarika’s journey started from here. After this Sarika did many films. Sarika, who ruled millions of hearts with her deep blue eyes during her youth, played a good role in the film Rakshabandhan in 1976. After this, Sarika started getting a lot of work. In 1977, Sarika got a film named Anand Mahal. After this, Sarika continued to do films and was also a hit. Sarika became a well-known actress in films in the 80s. Sarika had a lot of fame and she met Kamal Haasan. Sarika and Kamal Haasan became friends.

fell in love with a married person

Kamal Haasan was already married. But there was tension in their marriage. After which the relationship between Kamal Haasan and Sarika deepened. After several ups and downs, Sarika finally married Kamal Haasan in 1988. After marriage, Sarika had two daughters Shruti Haasan and Akshara Haasan. Both are actresses in Bollywood. However, their marriage did not last long and both of them got divorced in the year 2002. After the divorce, Kamal Haasan and Sarika returned to their lives. Sarika got a world of sorrows in her childhood. Battling poverty, he earned a name on the strength of his hard work and talent. Even the showers of love that came after a hard struggle did not last long and life became deserted after the divorce.

Sarika had to face a lot of difficulties after the divorce. After the divorce, Sarika was left with only Rs 60 and there was no provision for food for the next day. Sarika tells Simi Girewal in an old interview, ‘I did what was right for me and my mother. Life had become even more difficult after the divorce. I had only 60 rupees left and a car. Apart from this, I had nothing. There was no arrangement for the next day’s food.

Many nights spent on the road in the car

I bathed for a few days at my friends’ place and spent many nights on the road sleeping in the car. When Simi Girewal asked Kamal Haasan about this in his interview, why didn’t you help Sarika at such a time? In response to this, Kamal said, ‘One thing is that I had no idea of ​​his financial condition. When I befriended Sarika and saw the situation, I felt sympathy. But Sarika hated it. Sarika never felt proud to take help from anyone. I also loved this talk of Sarika.

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