Aishwarya Rai agreed that Alia Bhatt got better opportunities, the actress’s old statement on nepotism went viral, people said ‘Your husband too…’

Mumbai. Remember that scene of South’s hit film ‘KGF’ Chapter 2 (KGF2), when Rocky Bhai’s entry takes place and he says in a dialogue…’Nepotism’. The audience liked this dialogue very much and it brought out the inner story of the cinema world very well. There is often a debate about nepotism and once again this discussion is hot. This time an old video of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has raised the debate on the issue of nepotism and this time Alia Bhatt is involved in it.

Alia Bhatt was launched in Bollywood by Karan Johar through ‘Student of the Year’. After this, Alia worked in many films made under the production of Karni. Karan has said in many interviews that he is close to Alia. At the same time, Alia also calls him her father and likes to take advice related to films from him.

Karan Johar helped from the beginning
In the video of Aishwarya Rai that has surfaced on social media, she is clearly seen saying that ‘Alia Bhatt got a chance to do good work in the film world’. Karan has supported her a lot since the beginning. Due to this, she remained in the comfortable zone and good opportunities always came in front of her. Along with this, the good thing is that he did a better job in the opportunities he got. Although Aishwarya agreed that Alia did a good job, but also admitted that Karan supported her from the beginning.

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