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Akshay Kumar got angry after doing 4 films in a year, said – I am not stealing anyone’s work

The year 2022 has not been good in terms of films for Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar, known as ‘Khiladi Bhaiya’. All his movies that were released in theaters, all flopped badly at the box office. As a result, in view of his falling graph, a movie was released on the OTT platform. Now in an event, he told why he does four-five films in a year. Along with this, he also made a big announcement on his hefty fees. Let’s tell what you said.

Actually, Akshay Kumar is such an actor in the industry, who does four to five films in a year. Also, he charges hefty fees for all of them. Now in an event of Hindustan Times, Akshay Kumar said that he does not understand the criticism for overworking on social media. They say that what is the problem of working more for others, this thing does not come to their mind.

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Akshay Kumar and his movies
Akshay Kumar also told the reason for doing so many films in a year. Said, ‘Tell me one thing. Is there any person here who asks his children why they are doing so much work? People ask why do you gamble so much? Why do you drink so much? If not, then when someone is doing more work then who asks about it? Akshay said that he will continue to do as many films as he was doing till now.

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Akshay Kumar will do 4 films in a year
Akshay says, ‘I do four films in a year, so yes I do. I also do advertising. I work but I am not stealing someone’s work. I do not understand. Media people ask me why do you get up early? Oh brother, morning is only for getting up, isn’t it? People ask why do you go to bed early? oh idiot! Man sleeps at night. Can’t understand where I am doing wrong. Why won’t I work when I have the opportunity? I will do four films. I will give 50 days if needed, otherwise I will give 90 days also.

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Akshay Kumar’s lyrics on fees
Akshay Kumar also spoke on his flop films. Said things have changed now. Audience doesn’t want to come to watch movies, ‘It’s our fault not the audience’s. Maybe we need to rethink everything. We should start from the beginning now. Apart from this, he said that after the Corona epidemic everything has changed anyway. It is a period of recession. So now he will reduce his fees. However, he also said that apart from the actors, the producers also need to think about the fees.



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