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Akshay Kumar is also angry at Richa Chadha, who is facing the charge of insulting the army, said- it is sad to see this

Richa Chadha is currently under attack on social media for her tweet which is said to have mocked the Indian Army regarding the Galwan Valley conflict. Ruckus is increasing on this tweet of Richa Chadha and now Akshay Kumar has expressed his displeasure over her tweet.

Akshay replied to Richa’s tweet
Akshay Kumar has shown displeasure on that tweet of Richa and has written, ‘Sad to see this. Nothing can make us ungrateful (ehsan faramosh) towards our Indian Army. That is why we are today.

Richa wrote this on the tweet of Commander Lt. Gen.
Let us tell you that Northern Army Commander Lieutenant General Upendra Dwivedi had made a tweet, on which Richa jumped in the middle. In fact, Upendra Dwivedi had tweeted, ‘We are fully ready to take back PoK if the government orders it. We are waiting for the order from the government. We will complete this operation soon. Before Pakistan violates the ceasefire, the answer from here will be different, about which they cannot even imagine. Reacting to his tweet, Richa Chadha had written that Galvan is saying hi. This tweet of Richa immediately went viral and people expressed their anger on this tweet.

Complaint in Cyber ​​Cell of Delhi Police
On Twitter, people surrounded Richa a lot and accused her of insulting the Indian Army. Gradually film stars are also taking to Twitter against this tweet of Richa. Calling Richa anti-national, people have targeted her saying that she has insulted the army of our country. Not only this, a complaint has also been registered against him in the cyber cell of Delhi Police in this matter.

Richa Chadha has apologized
However, later Richa Chadha has also apologized for this tweet. He wrote in his post, ‘It was never my intention to humiliate anyone. I was dragged into controversy because of three words I said. If knowingly or unknowingly the sentiments of my military brothers have been hurt or hurt by my words, I apologise. Along with this, I also want to say that my maternal grandfather should also be in the army. My maternal uncle was a paratrooper. Patriotism is in my blood. When a son is martyred while saving the country, the family is badly affected. I know very well the impact it has if a soldier is injured. It is also an emotional issue for me.



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