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Akshay Kumar’s video going viral between ‘Ram Setu’, bricks made of cement burst at the event

Akshay Kumar’s film ‘Ram Setu’ is getting tremendous love from the audience which has just released in theaters on the occasion of Diwali. Several videos from inside the cinema halls were doing the rounds on Twitter, in which fans are looking very happy after watching the film and shouting slogans of Jai Shri Ram. Meanwhile, another video of Akshay Kumar has surfaced in which he is seen breaking bricks made of cement at an event.

Akshay Kumar was seen breaking big bricks
Akshay Kumar had reached the event of Diwali Celebration in the 14th International Kudo Tournament held in Surat, Gujarat. The funny thing is that Akshay himself organized this tournament, which he has been doing for the last several years. Akshay met the winners of this season and shared the video of this championship. Akshay has also shared a glimpse of his fitness, in which he is seen bursting big bricks in the same event.

Akshay also showed his fighting skills
In this video, Akshay Kumar is seen addressing the audience and also giving awards to the winners for their best skills. Akshay also actively participated in this event and showed his fighting skills by breaking big bricks with a hammer.

‘Always reminds me of my early days’
Sharing this video, Akshay has thanked people for participating in this event on Diwali. He wrote, ‘Meeting you all always reminds me of my early days. I hope that thanks to this tournament, we can help children grow year after year.

Akshay himself is a master in many types of martial arts.
As we all know that Akshay himself has mastered many types of martial arts. He specializes in Karate, Taekwondo and Muay Thai. Akshay believes that what he is today is because of karate and that is why he considers himself a disciplined action hero. Akshay says that it should be necessary in every school.

‘Now I want to be like a father who is not so lucky’
While narrating his story, he said, ‘I got a special opportunity, my father let me practice. Now I want to be like a father who is not so lucky. I wish I could do something else about it. Currently, I am funding, supporting and organizing this tournament so that I can increase Karate in India and choose the best who can represent the country at the international level.



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