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Alia Bhatt told daughter’s name and so many meanings, Ranbir was seen stroking baby’s head

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor have named their daughter very beautiful. Alia has shared a post on social media stating the name of her baby girl. Aaliya has told that this cute name for her baby girl has been kept by none other than her grandmother i.e. Neetu Kapoor. Let’s know what they have named this darling of Alia and Ranbir.

Daughter Rani seen in Ranbir’s lap
Alia has shared a blurry picture, in which her daughter is also with her and Ranbir. The daughter is seen in Rambir’s lap, on whose head the father is seen turning his hand. Along with this picture, Alia has also given information about the name of the daughter.

Aaliya told- what is the meaning of daughter’s name
Alia has said, ‘The name is Raha Hai (chosen by her wise grandmother), which means a lot. Raha means divine way,
In Swahili it is called happiness,
The meaning of Raha in Sanskrit can be called clan, lineage, family or household.
In Bengali it is called Rest, Comfort and Relief.
In Arabic it means peace and apart from all this it also means happiness, freedom and well-being. And just like its name, we have felt all this from the very first moment.

Aaliya said- It seems as if our life bus has just started
With this, Alia has written, ‘Thank you Raha, for filling life in our family. It seems as if our life bus has just started.

Friends from the industry have showered lots of love
Friends from the industry have showered a lot of love on this post of Alia. Please tell that Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor were married on April 14 this year. After about 2 months of marriage, Alia shared the good news of becoming a mother on social media. Now on November 7, Alia gave birth to a daughter. Since then, fans were curious to know what Alia and Ranbir would name their daughter.



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