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Amazing of 15 friends of Barmer, Dr. BR Ambedkar started free coaching center, 400 students are taking education


A group of 15 youths decided that everyone would deposit 1000 rupees every month in the account of the group.
In 15 months, this group has deposited 2 lakh 25 thousand rupees, out of which 1 lakh 60 thousand rupees are left.
With this remaining money, these friends started a free coaching center, in which 400 students now study.

Report: Manmohan Seju

Barmer. It is said that in order to do something, the support of loved ones is very important. If you are with your loved ones, you would kneel even in difficult situations and new avenues start opening. 15 college students of Border Barmer have opened a wonderful way of helping each other. As a result, now a group of these 15 youths is doing their studies, giving free coaching to about 400 children.

This is about the time of Corona when the situation of the country and the world was staggering. At that time 15 college students formed a group. There are 4 girls and 11 boys in this group. All of them decided that every month every person of the group would deposit thousand rupees in the account of the group. So that if any student of this group needs, then they can use those money. 15 months passed by doing this. Meanwhile, a total of Rs 2 lakh 25 thousand was deposited. Some of this money was used for the needs of some or the other of this group. But after 15 months, 1 lakh 60 thousand rupees were deposited in the account of this group. Then these youths opened free coaching center for the children using this money.

While studying college, these youths laid the foundation of Dr. BR Ambedkar Free Coaching Center. Here children are being given free of cost things like bags, pens, pencils, ID cards etc. In this unique coaching center, children from class 1 to class X study free of cost. About 400 children are studying here now. This unique coaching is going on in two batches in the morning and evening.

Children studying in this coaching are seen sharing their experiences with great enthusiasm. Jhanvi and Dharmesh, who study in free coaching, say that the things that remain incomplete in the school are completed by coming to this place. The style of teaching of all the teachers is also unique. Many competitions are also organized every week. In such a situation, this coaching is proving to be very helpful for poor children also.

Pawan Chauhan is the director in this coaching center and Bhupendra Badera is doing his work as the convener. His companions Rakesh, Mahendra Jatol, Ravi Singaria, Ganpat Phulwaria, Lalit, Kuldeep, Poonam Badera, Sanjana Gosai, Nikita Chauhan, Divya, Chandrashekhar and Santosh Mosalpuria contribute as teachers in this coaching center. Sharing the story of the journey from the beginning of coaching till now, director Pawan Chauhan says that it was started for the financial help of friends, but when the money was raised with the group, the foundation of this coaching center was laid and today in this coaching center 400 children are studying.

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