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Amber Heard was accused of having sex parties, Elon Musk also used to indulge in drugs and alcohol

It looks like the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp drama is not going to end so soon. Everyone thought that this high-profile case would now come to an end after the defamation trial, but it seems to have opened the door to many other controversies. After 6,600 pages of unsealed documents surfaced, a user has now leaked the details of the Aquaman actress’ sex parties. Also told how he allegedly blackmailed Elon Musk.

accused of having a sex party
Well, it is no secret that Amber Heard and Johnny Depp used to have a lot of parties and drugs were also served in those parties. They partyed fiercely on their wedding night and also took drugs, which were talked about during the recent defamation trial. But it seems that the parties also involved sex-related things and that is why Amber Heard has been accused of organizing sex parties.

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The heinous allegations against Amber Heard
Jessica Reed Cross, who runs the name of House Inhabit on the online platform Substack, has shared a paid newsletter. It contains all the dirt of Amber Heard that has reportedly been hidden for a long time. This is not her claim but the experience of several friends of the Aquaman actress shared with the writer.

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Amber and Alan Mulk used to do bad things
According to the newspaper, Amber Heard hosted parties in Los Angeles that included ‘MDMA’, a lot of alcohol and sex. Along with Cara Delevingne, his ex-husband Tasya Vanri was also there with him. In addition, it is said that Amber blackmailed ex-boyfriend Elon Musk to pay fees for a recent defamation lawsuit against Johnny Depp. The actress reportedly often used to record Allen at parties and now blackmails her.

Johnny Depp made a bad comment on Elon Musk’s private part, told humor to his obscene language
called amber mad
An unknown in the newspaper claimed that Amber Heard and Elon Musk often behaved badly at those parties. He said of Johnny Depp’s ex-wife, ‘But oh yeah, she’s crazy and if she’s already like that, there’s no question in my mind because Heard can kill anyone at any time.’ Well, these are quite scandalous claims, which are yet to be proven.


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