Amitabh Bachchan’s personal life of this actress is full of tragedy, not getting wife’s status

Mumbai. Jaya Prada is one of the few actresses who ruled from South Film Industry to Bollywood. He gave the best films of his career in the 80s and 90s. In the film industry, her name is counted among those actresses in whom an unmatched combination of beauty and talent is seen. Jaya Prada achieved a lot of success from Hindi films to South’s movies. At the age of just 13, she started her acting career and made her place in the list of top actresses of that era. There was a time when film producers used to visit his house. But like his film career, his personal life was not so happy.

Like the story of a film, Jai Prada’s real life was also full of thrill and drama. Jaya got married but she never got the happiness of becoming a wife and a mother. Despite being so successful in films, the real life of this beautiful and brilliant actress was full of ups and downs.

Jaya Prada changed her name before appearing in films

Jaya Prada’s real name was Lalita Rani. But before starting her film career, she changed her name to Jaya Prada. It is said that when Jaya was 13 years old, she performed a dance in a program of her school. A film direction was also present in this program. He notices Jaya and she gets her first film offer. According to media reports, at that time Jaya shot a 3-minute dancing scene in the film, for which she got Rs 10.

How was Jaya Prada’s personal life after all?
Jaya Prada He achieved a lot of fame in his film career, but his personal life was full of ups and downs. Fans were surprised when Jaya married Srikant Nahata in the year 1986 at the peak of her career. The surprising thing was that the person she married was already married. Shrikant Nahata had married Jaya even before separating from his first wife. Srikanth also had children from his first wife. Whereas Jaya had no children. After some time she separated from Srikanth.

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How was Jaya Prada’s political career?
There came a time when Jaya Prada distanced herself from her film career. Then he came back again as a leader. In 1994, he joined NT Rama Rao’s Telugu Desam Party. Then in 2000, he joined the Samajwadi Party. It is believed that Jaya Prada was brought to the SP by leader Amar Singh. Jaya and Amar Singh’s friendship was also discussed a lot at one time. When Amar Singh left the SP, Jaya also parted ways with the party. However, later he joined the Samajwadi Party again.

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