Amrish Puri slaps Govinda on the set, angry Chichi swears he won’t forgive ‘Mogambo’

New Delhi: Amrish Puri and Govinda: Amrish Puri was seen as a strong villain of Hindi cinema. Even though he is not among us today, his character is still alive in the minds of the people. He has ruled everyone’s hearts with his powerful voice and tremendous acting. Fans and even big heroes used to tremble with his loud voice. There was no villain like Amrish Puri in Hindi cinema, nor will there be. There is one such incident related to Amrish Puri when he slapped Govinda without thinking anything. Let’s know what was that story.

This story related to Amrish Puri is from the time when he had fiercely taught Govinda’s class. Things got so bad that he slapped Govinda without thinking anything. Everyone present on the set was surprised at that time. Even Govinda himself, though this is not the first time. Once even on the set of Aamir Khan, he had a fierce class. But Aamir was not acting at that time but was working as an assistant director. Amrish Puri’s fear was such that he always used to do something that he thought was right on the wrong side.

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Amrish Puri used to reach before the shooting time
Amrish Puri industry was specially recognized not only for his brilliant acting but also for being punctual. According to media reports, Amrish Puri used to reach before time for his shooting. He was very punctual. According to reports, Amrish Puri reached the set at nine in the morning in connection with the shooting of a film. Govinda was seen in the lead role in this film. Amrish Puri waited a long time for Govind but he did not reach the set. Amrish Puri was very angry with this act of Govinda.

When Govinda was slapped
Amrish Puri was waiting for Govinda but his temperature was getting high. On seeing Govinda at 6 in the evening, when Govinda was shooting at 9 in the morning, Amrish Puri’s temperature became high and there was a lot of debate about his coming nine hours late. The matter had escalated so much that Amrish Puri even slapped Govinda. At that time everyone present on the set was stunned. No one could understand what happened. Govinda himself was also surprised that what happened suddenly in the talks.

Please tell that after this incident with Amrish Puri, Govinda never again worked in any film with Amrish Puri. At that time Govinda was at his peak. Every makers wanted to sign him in their films. This was the reason why Govinda often used to reach late for his shoots.

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