An accident changed the fate, bad luck drowned the career, where did the singer with ‘old jeans’ go missing?

In the 90s, were you also fond of watching private albums on TV, if yes… then you must not have forgotten one song. The lyrics of the song are ‘Purani Jeans Aur Guitar…’ This song created a lot of buzz among the youth in that era, but do you know who is the singer who brought this superhit private album? And why did he become nameless after giving one hit album after another? He is that unlucky star of the 90s and climbed from the floor to the throne and then an accident ruined everything.

Singer Ali Haider is the name who gave not one but many hint songs, which are still hummed by the people of the 90s. He sang many songs in the 90s. His albums include ‘Sandesa’, ‘Chahat’, ‘Tarang’, ‘Karar’ etc. If you are also a fan of his songs, then know that how an accident in his life ruined his career and why Ali Haider became anonymous.

Ali Haider is Pakistani singer
Today we tell you the story of Ali Haider’s anonymity. Some people, who hum and listen to the song ‘Purani Jeans Aur Guitar…’ thousands of times, do not even know from which country Ali Haider belongs. Only a few people know that Ali is a Pakistani singer.

Used to sing songs secretly from father
Ali Haider is an engineer by profession. But luck made him a singer. Born on 22 October 1967 in Karachi, Pakistan, Ali Haider was fond of singing since childhood. He used to listen to many singers like Indian singers Mohammed Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle. But his father Khurshid Haider did not like music at all. Ali used to sing and play in secret to avoid his father’s scolding. Used to sing in the wedding of friends’ sisters. The father’s dream was that the son should earn a name by becoming an engineer, but Ali had music in his every soul.

how to become singer from engineer
Once his father saw him singing, he scolded him a lot at home and told his son whether you want to become a singer or an engineer. Due to the fear of his father, he started preparing for engineering, but music was in his heart. When he passed the inter, the father got him admitted in the engineering college. Also completed engineering. Even during college days, he used to sing songs secretly. One day the TV show was going to be launched. Ali Haider got a chance to perform live there. From here he walked on the path of professional singer who got caught in the public eye.

When the hit albums were coming one after the other
Even in those days, he used to sing songs secretly from his father, but luckily, a TV show was going to be the logic, there he got a chance to perform live, he sang the song, he got caught in the eyes of the people, that’s why he became a professional singer. Raah Par Chal Rahi Hai Diye released his first album ‘Jaane Ja Sun’, this album became very famous in Pakistan. After this album, he formed his own band. He named this band Akash. In 1989, his second album ‘Chahat’ was released. This album turned his fortunes. India’s famous musical company HMV got an eye on this album. The company bought his album at a very asking price and launched it in India. But the company hid him after he was Pakistani, people thought him to be an Indian singer.

The composition of ‘old jeans and guitar…’ was received in the gift
In the year 1991, he launched his third album named ‘Karar’. This album was also a big hit. It was in the year 1992 that he was preparing for his fourth album. According to media reports, one day one of his close friends came to meet him. I have a composition, if you like it, keep it for your album. Ali heard it and liked it very much. In the year 1993, he released his album, which was named ‘Sandesha’. The composition he received as a gift was ‘Purani Jeans Aur Guitar…’ This song created a buzz in India.

Singer was broken by son’s death
He had become a big pop star in India. Everything was going well for a few years, but then time turned. A painful accident destroyed them. In the year 2006, he got married to a girl named Sabika. Both were living happily. Sabika was about to become a mother after 3 years of marriage. Everything was fine in the initial months, but in the 5th month the doctors advised her for abortion citing complications. Although both decided to bring the child into the world. The son stepped into the world. Everyone was very happy, but the son died only after 24 hours. This news broke him and his wife. He got into depression. He had announced to quit music at the peak of his career. Years later, when he regained consciousness from his son’s grief, he started singing again, but he did not get that love in Pakistan, after which he left the country and went to America.

Ali Haider now lives in America with his family
He sang many songs again, but then he could not find his lost identity. These days he lives in America with his wife and three daughters and does a few shows on FM. This 90’s star has now become anonymous.

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