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Famous actress Andrila Sharma, who appeared in Bengali films, has been admitted to the hospital after suffering multiple cardiac arrest. At present, the actress has been put on ventilator. The cardiac arrest was so severe that he needed to be given CPR several times. According to the doctors, his condition remains critical at present. The actress was admitted to the hospital earlier also. Due to brain stroke, the actress also had to undergo surgery.

Everyone is getting surprised after hearing this of Andrila Sharma. The condition is so serious that the actress is fighting the battle of life and death. According to media reports, the actress has suffered heart attacks several times. Due to multiple heart attacks, the condition of the actress remains very critical at this time. The actress is currently on ventilator support. At present, everyone is praying for the actress’s speedy recovery.

Famous Bengali actress on ventilator
Andrila Sharma is a well-known name in Bengali cinema. On November 15, the actress suffered a heart attack. After this somehow he was admitted to the hospital in Kolkata. He was given cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) as soon as he reached the hospital. Nothing can be said about the condition of the actress at this time. According to reports, the actress is on ventilator support and her condition is not well.

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Surgery had to be done due to brain stroke
If reports are to be believed, Andrila Sharma had also suffered a brain stroke on November 1 before having a heart attack. Due to which blood clots had accumulated in his brain. The actress was battling Intracranial Hemorrhage. Apart from this, she had also undergone frontotemporital de-compressive craniotomy surgery. According to, blood clots were seen in the brain of the actress.

For information, let us tell you that the doctors say that it is not possible to operate the new blood clot of the actress. At present, efforts are being made to reduce these clots with medicines. Andrila has also been a victim of cancer twice. Andrila has focused on her work after defeating cancer both times.

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