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Angelina Jolie on Iran’s Hijab Protest – No need to control women’s bodies

Hollywood star Angelina Jolie has reacted to the ongoing Hijab Protest in Iran. On social media, Angelina supported the protest, reacting to the killing of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in Iran. He called those who raised their voice against this hijab and conservative thinking as brave and outspoken. Also shared a lot of pictures of Protest.

Angelina Jolie wrote on Instagram, Respect to the brave women of Iran. Those who have come on the road against the orthodox thinking that has been going on for so many years. I respect Mahsa Amini and all Iranians. There is no need to put moral pressure on women, control their bodies and teach them wrong things. They too can live and breathe freely.

So far 35 killed in protests against hijab in Iran, Home Minister denies beating Mahsa Amini
what is the matter (Anti-Hijab Protest)
Recently, a 22-year-old girl Mahsa Amini was murdered in Iran simply because she was not wearing a hijab properly while walking in a public place. Her only fault was that some of her hair was showing out of the hijab. On such a thing, the religious police of Iran arrested Mahsa and then beat him badly. During this, Mahasha suffered a serious injury and died. After Mahsa’s death, protests against hijab continue not only in Iran but also abroad. Everyone wants to get justice for Mahsa.



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