Anil Thathani’s two wives had clashed in the party, Raveena Tandon created a lot of ruckus! Natasha was injured

Mumbai. Everyone knows about the relationship between Raveena Tandon and Akshay Kumar. In the 90s, both were the most discussed couple of Bollywood. Both were also ready for marriage but alas it did not happen. Raveena and Akshay parted ways. After the breakup in real life, the onscreen pair of both also broke up. After the breakup, Raveena got away from Lime Light. She took care of both her adopted daughters and ventured into the world of production. While doing production work, he met Anil Thadani. Anil used to work in film distribution.

Gradually, Raveena Tandon and Anil Thadani started meeting in connection with work. Anil was married. He was having an argument with his own wife Natasha Sippy. Natasha was the daughter of filmmakers Romeu Sippy. Nothing was going well in Anil’s life. But his closeness with Raveena kept increasing. Meanwhile, Anil divorced his wife Natasha Sippy.

Then Raveena Tandon and Anil Thadani got engaged in November 2003 and got married in February 2004. Both are enjoying married life. But one day there was a fight between Raveena Tandon and Anil Thadani’s ex-wife Natasha at a party. Ritesh reached Sidhwani’s New Year party with Anil Raveena. Natasha had reached there with her friends.

According to reports, onlookers said that Natasha Sippy was trying to get closer to Anil Thadani. When Raveena saw it, she got angry and threw a glass full of juice at Natasha. After this Natasha said that Anil has separated from her because of Raveena. After this fight, Raveena Tandon gave an interview in the media and talked about this incident.

Raveena Tandon had said in an interview to, “And I do not regret what happened. My husband Anil is the purest and cleanest person after God and my father. I will not allow anyone to cast aspersions on him. Any insult to him is an insult to me. No one can defame my family.”

While Natasha Sippy told, “I went to Ritesh Sidhwani’s house for a New Year party with friends. I was with Ritesh’s cousin and there were only two sets of sofas everywhere. We decided to sit on one. Now if Raveena is so insecure that even if I am 5 feet close to her husband, she loses her temper, what can I say? Then he threw a glass at me. I went out but she kept on crying. Later, I realized that my finger was bleeding because I had got a cut on my finger from a piece of glass.”

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