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Ankit Raj broke up with his gf because she didnt want me to go intimate on screen for a show nodps – News18 Hindi

Mumbai. Actor Ankit Raj has made his debut in films through the film Hindutva, released on October 7. Ankit’s film could not show any special feat at the box office, but Ankit Raj’s film journey has also started. Ankit, who has been acting in the TV world for 10 years, has now shifted his focus towards films.

Ankit has decided to take a break from TV. The recent interview has made many important revelations related to his life. According to the news of Ankit aajtak, in a recent interview, Ankit discussed his relationship and career plans. Ankit Raj told that he had a breakup recently and he is enjoying his life alone.

Ankit disclosed in the interview

Disclosing about the breakup, Ankit says that I have had girlfriends. Recently I have had a breakup. My girlfriend did not like being intimate with any other girl on the sets. He expressed his displeasure about this and we parted ways. Ankit says that I am happy in my life alone, I do not like restrictions regarding work.

enjoying life alone

Now I don’t have to answer to anyone. Work is important for me and the partner should have faith in you. In the year 2014, Ankit started his acting career with the TV serial Kabul Hai. After this, Ankit has played important roles in popular shows like Mustangi, Super Cops vs Super Villains and Ishqbaaz.

Full focus on films

At present, Ankit is focusing his full attention on films. Ankit said that I have worked in TV for a long time. Now my focus is on some big and good characters. I have a lot of respect for TV. Whatever I am today is because of TV. But right now the whole focus is on films.

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