Anushka Sharma got furious after watching the video of Virat Kohli’s hotel room, said- ‘It was the worst’

Mumbai: Recently, Virat Kohli shared a video on Instagram, which is of his hotel room. It can be seen in the video that what is in his room. In the video, the items kept from the bathroom to his cupboard were shown. While sharing this video, Virat Kohli has expressed his displeasure. On the other hand now Anushka Sharma has also done something similar. Expressed anger over Virat’s video being made and shared without his consent. The actress has given a strong reaction to this video.

Anushka shared a lengthy note on her Instagram story and wrote- ‘Faced many times such incidents where fans have not shown compassion or grace at all in the past. But, this is by far the worst thing ever. A human being and anyone who looks at it and thinks ‘be a celebrity! So be prepared for all this.’ So you should know that you are also part of the problem,’

Anushka Sharma has shared a note regarding the viral video of Virat Kohli. (Photo Credits: Instagram: @anushkasharma)

Anushka further writes- ‘Practicing some self-control helps everyone. Imagine if this is happening in your bedroom too, where is the line?’

This post of Anushka is now in discussion. Many have agreed on the actress and cricketer’s post. Users say that it is very wrong to take video of someone’s room in this way without their consent.

Let me tell you, the Indian cricket team is in Perth and social media users are speculating that this video is also from here. The Group-2 match of the ICC T20 World Cup 2022 was played between India and South Africa on 30 October. In this match, India had to face defeat against South Africa.

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