Arbaaz Khan used to have problem with being called Salman’s brother or Malaika’s husband, said all this in the interview

Arbaaz Khan is part of a film family. From acting to production, he inherited the nuances. Father Salim Khan has been a well-known writer. But Arbaaz was not under pressure from father’s stardom as much as brother Salman Khan’s stardom. The biggest challenge for Arbaaz Khan was that he could rise above the stardom of brother Salman Khan. Earn your own name. Arbaaz Khan stepped into Bollywood 26 years ago. In more than two decades, Arbaaz acted in many films, also took over the work of direction and production. But even today he is recognized as the brother of Salman Khan. There was a time when Arbaaz was recognized as Malaika Arora’s husband.

Arbaaz Khan recently talked about this with our colleague ETimes. From his career to failures in relationships, he talked about his projects. Also revealed that there was a time when he used to have trouble being called Salman’s brother or Malaika Arora’s husband.

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Has the relationship with Sohail-Salman been affected because of the media?

When Arbaaz Khan was asked if the constant attention of media and public has affected his relationship with his brothers? In response he said, ‘Never. I think people would assume from the outside that bad situations and difficulties or any kind of problems would probably drive us apart, but the truth is they bring you closer. Whenever there is a situation that seems like a problem, it brings the family or caregivers closer together. We have become really deep and close as a family. Despite being under the constant media glare, we have only grown stronger.

Arbaaz said – we stand together in trouble
Arbaaz further said, ‘All seems well in good times. A person is happy, taking care of himself. But when does one person really get close to the other person? when something goes wrong, right? I think we all are aware of this truth in our family. In our family, we let each other live as they want. We do not interfere in each other’s personal life. And we don’t like it. Yes, we enjoy each other’s happiness too. But if there is a problem, I think we really show our unity.

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When Salman’s brother and Malaika’s husband had a problem
When Arbaaz was asked if he ever felt that he should make his own identity as an artist, he said, ‘There was a time when I was a little conscious about it and also worried about it. Now that I look back, it was for no reason and made no sense. I used to feel bad when I was called Salim Khan’s son, Salman Khan’s brother or Malaika Arora’s husband. But I think these are things that you cannot change. There is no point in changing the mindset of the people. All you have to do is restrain yourself. I have realized that I do not need to prove anything to anyone. I mean, the exercise of proving things to people is such a futile exercise. It is tedious and taxing.

arbaaz malaika

Arbaaz Khan Malaika

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Arbaaz and Malaika divorce
Arbaaz and Malaika got divorced in 2017. He did love marriage in 1998. Arbaaz and Malaika also have a son Arhaan, whom both are raising together. Malaika has moved on in life and is dating Arjun Kapoor. While Arbaaz Khan is dating Georgia Andriani.

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