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Archana Gautam: Archana Gautam, who made her a peacock by beating her, was not thrown out by Bigg Boss! Everyone’s ‘Panchayat’ was left behind

Big breaking is coming out of Bigg Boss season 16. Recently, it was revealed that Contestant Archana Gautam has been evicted from the house due to violence in Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss took this strict action against Archana at 3 o’clock late in the night due to the beating with Shiv Thackeray in the task. But now the game seems to be turning upside down. Yes, big news is coming out from Bigg Boss 16 that the makers will bring Archana Gautam back in the makers show.

The makers will bring Archana Gautam back in the show, quoting even the Bigg Boss who gives every small news of the Bigg Boss house. Sources said that he apologized to the family members and Shiv and accepting this Bigg Boss forgives Archana and steps can be taken to bring her on the show. Now her fans are very excited to hear the news of Archana Gautam’s comeback.

Bigg Boss fans were upset with Archana Gautam being evicted from her house.

On hearing about Archana Gautam’s eviction on social media, people were stunned with anger. In this anger, he had even said that he would not watch the reality show from now on. At the same time, some users had expressed displeasure over the matter of raising Archana’s hand.

Archana Gautam is the life of Bigg Boss 16
It is believed that Archana Gautam is the life of the show. She is such a contestant who makes new jokes in Bigg Boss every day and also laughs a lot with her gimmicks. Sometimes she teases the family members with her frivolous things, and sometimes she fights with the family members like this, everyone’s speech stops.

Archana Gautam Evicted: People threatened Bigg Boss for making Archana Gautam homeless, said – will not watch the show now
Archana Gautam, who made a peacock beating
Archana’s words and dialogues, which make her a peacock, are often dominated on social media. In such a situation, the show makers do not want to take any risk by taking out Archana, who is called the life of Bigg Boss. This is the reason that everyone’s panchayat was left behind and the audience will get to see Archana’s performance even further.



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