Archana Gautam teased the same tune in Dubai too – I will make peacock while beating, this person’s reaction is funny

Archana Gautam has been keeping busy after her eviction from ‘Bigg Boss 16’. Well, Archana Gautam is currently in Dubai on a mini vacation. A funny video of Archana has surfaced from Dubai in which she is seen talking about ‘making peacocks by beating’.

In this video, Archana Gautam is seen with YouTuber (chai_with_ahmad) and video creator Ahmed Al Marzooqi. In the video, Archana first says – Maar Maar Ke Mor Bana Doongi, after which he asks what it means. Archana then explains to them in English what is the meaning of what she is saying. After this he explains how this whole line is called in the local language. Archana listens to his lines and repeats them and in the meantime he picks up his phone and runs away. Archana also follows them.

Remind that this dialogue of Archana Gautam ‘Maar Maar Ke Mor Bana Doongi’ became very popular during the ‘Bigg Boss’ show. Often she used this phrase a lot for other contestants during fights.

‘Don’t know about peacock, definitely made a donkey’

This video of Archana Gautam made everyone laugh a lot. People are also making a lot of comments. One said – Don’t know about peacock, definitely made a donkey. Please tell that Archana recently received the Iconic Performer of the Year award at an event. After four months of stressful and challenging time in ‘Bigg Boss 16’ house, Archana much needed a great vacation and she is enjoying it at the moment.

Said- I used to dream big since childhood

Archana Gautam has shared many beautiful glimpses of this vacation on Instagram. Apart from some glamorous pictures, Archana has also shared her video from Dubai. Archana Gautam said in a conversation with ETimes, ‘The time after leaving Bigg Boss has been wonderful. I am grateful to my fans for all the love and appreciation I have received. I used to dream big since childhood and it seems to be getting fulfilled one by one, for which thanks to the audience. Archana told that I am celebrating holiday in Dubai and it is one of my favorite places in the world.

thank you for your fans

She had said that the dream she had seen to work is now coming true and for this she is thankful to her fans, who are a part of her wonderful journey.

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