Aruna Irani’s heart fell on married men both times, said- ‘Love is not easy’

Aruna Irani On Her Marriage: Legend actress Aruna Irani has seen a lot of struggle in her personal life and now the actress has spoken about her personal life. During this, Aruna Irani also talked about her marriage and love affair. Aruna Irani told that it is not easy to love a married man. Many difficulties arise in this.

Please tell here that in the initial phase of her career, the name of the actress was associated with Mehmood, at that time she was married, later the actress married film director Kuku Kohli and he too was already married.

Aruna Irani told ANI, “It becomes very difficult when you marry a married man. As of today (at present), I am married to a married man. I was married, but no one knew that I was married. Now, I think she (Kuku’s first wife) had some problem, she died a year ago. Then I also speak with courage, otherwise I never used to speak… because I didn’t want to hurt anyone. My affair with Kuku Kohli, my relationship was not to hurt anyone or to snatch anyone. This is the first time I am talking about Kuku Kohli.

She further added, “I could never talk about him…the industry knew I was with him, even the journalists knew. It is not easy for a person to marry a married man, I didn’t have any relation that’s why I don’t have any child.

Aruna Irani was in live with Kuku

Speaking to ETimes, Kuku commented on the same, “Look, this is what happens in our industry. We work together, exchange ideas.” He also said that they were initially in a live-in relationship. When asked if his daughters are accepting of him, he said, “Aisa kabhi mauka hi nahi aaya.”

On this, Aruna Irani said, “He didn’t even tell me that he was married when we met and that’s how I fell in love with him. So it didn’t feel good to talk about our relationship because he was already in a relationship.” Was married with wife and daughters. Now I am talking about this because his first wife passed away a few months back.”

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