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Aryan Khan Bail Plea LIVE: Will Aryan be released today or will he have to go to jail?

Aryan Khan, arrested in the Cruise Drugs Party case, was heard in the Sessions Court on Wednesday. Advocate Amit Desai argued on behalf of Aryan Khan and presented all the arguments in favor, despite this the hearing was postponed to Thursday, October 14. The matter will be heard at 12 o’clock today. Then it will be known whether Aryan Khan gets bail or else he goes to jail.

Let us inform that lawyers Amit Desai and Satish Maneshinde were present on behalf of Aryan Khan in the court. On the other hand, Special Public Prosecutors AM Chimalkar and Advait Sethna lobbied for the NCB. During the cross-examination, Aryan was accused of ‘international drug smuggling’ on behalf of Additional Solicitor General Anil Singh.

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He said in the court, ‘The whole country is worried about drug smuggling and consumption. This is a serious crime in the society. Parties are organized, drugs are consumed and college students are also involved in this. This is not only affecting the economic matters but otherwise also, we are concerned about the gangs involved in drug trafficking.

Sensational allegation by NCB on Aryan Khan

Anil Singh also said that the chats recovered from Aryan’s mobile include conversations with a foreign national. There is talk between the two about the purchase of drugs in large quantities. In such a situation, it is suspected that Aryan may be involved in international drug smuggling.
‘Aryan has learned a lesson in jail’, lawyer Amit Desai gave these arguments in court for bail
Aryan’s lawyer Amit Desai termed the allegations of international smuggling of drugs as absurd. He said that Aryan has been accused of “international drug smuggling” by the investigating agency Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB). This is completely absurd. He gave all kinds of arguments for Aryan’s bail. He said that no drugs came out of Aryan’s possession and so far only three people have been seized. The quantity recovered from the merchant is very small, but nothing came out of Aryan’s possession. Amit Desai presented a chart in the court showing how Aryan was arrested. Desai referred to the August de Silva case in the court.


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