As soon as the dreaded villain’s film was released, the father became enraged, was thrown out of the house, worried about the respect of the family

Mumbai: Ranjeet is one of those dreaded villains of Bollywood, seeing whom people get scared. Ranjit’s real name is Gopal Bedi, but famous actor Sunil Dutt advised him to change his name, saying that there should be a film name. Gopal obeyed Sunil Dutt and the name became Ranjit, who showed such ferocity on screen that he became a famous villain of the film industry. When Ranjit played a negative role for the first time, he got success because of his superb acting, but the family members were not happy with it.

Some time ago, when Ranjit came on Kapil Sharma’s show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, he told many interesting stories related to his life. Ranjit told about his first rape scene in the film ‘Sharmili’. Along with this, it was also told that what was the reaction of the family members after this film. Apart from this, he told stories related to his life, how the girls used to get filled with fear after seeing him.

The girls used to get filled with fear on seeing Ranjit. (Photo courtesy: ranjeetthegoli/Instagram)

How will you show your face in Punjab?
Ranjit had told that the film ‘Sharmili’ became a superhit and I got the stamp of a new rapist villain. When I called my people for the film premiere in Delhi, they left the auditorium midway. When I reached home, I was confronted with sad faces. I was thrown out of the house for bringing bad name to the family and asked me how my father would face the people in Punjab. Because in the film I pulled Rakhi’s hair, tried to tear her clothes and make her fall. I was told that instead of doing such roles, I should play the roles of army officers, doctors. After this act, which face will he take to Amritsar and how will he face the people. Ranjit had also shared the information of his first negative role on social media.

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(Photo courtesy: ranjeetthegoli/Instagram)

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Kapil Dev’s sister-in-law was scared to see Ranjit
When Ranjit was asked whether his onscreen image affected his life, he said, ‘I have left a different impression on everyone. When the sister-in-law of famous cricketer Kapil Dev came for treatment, it has been my habit to hug and join hands, and when I did the same, she was a little nervous. Then Kapil told him, ‘It is not as you think’.

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