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‘Avatar was offered to me…’ After listening to Govinda’s words, users said – this is the only confidence needed in life!

Everyone is eagerly waiting for the release of the next part of Hollywood movie ‘Avatar’ i.e. ‘Avatar 2’, which has changed the thinking about cinema all over the world. The wait turned out to be really long, as ‘Avatar The Way Of Water’ took 13 years to release. There’s still a little time to dive into the magical world of spectacular visuals once again, but social media has already started to ring. Unheard things related to the film have started coming to the fore. One of these stories is related to Govinda. Who revealed a few years ago that director James Cameron had offered him the lead role! The actor had also told that he had given the title of this film.

Govinda (Govinda on Avatar) came to India TV show ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ in the year 2019, where he told during the conversation that there was a time when stardom was on his head and during this time he made a big Hollywood movie. The offer was turned down. This film was not any other movie, but ‘Avatar’. Yes, that film, which earned $ 2.797 billion i.e. Rs 22,246 crore at that time. It was the first such film in the world of cinema, which touched the earning figure.

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Govinda gave the Avatar title to James Cameron!
Regarding this film, Govinda had said, ‘The picture was going on a lot in those days, so I was a little in the air. I had given the title of Avatar. It was a very super hit film. And I even told him that your film is going to be very successful. And I had also said that this film will not be made for your 7 years. You will not be able to complete the picture. I think so. He got very angry after hearing this. I didn’t think I was in his city. He said how can you say that. I said that you are wanting an avatar and you are seeking such type of avatar that he is handicapped. And he is part of God and he is crippled. I said it won’t happen. This is simply not possible. And the type of man I am, these 410 days you are asking where I keep doing Ayurveda Patanjali’s medicine and what else and where will you color me in my whole body. I said, I will not be sorry. But I had said that this picture is going to be your super hit.

Watch Govinda’s video:

People enjoyed listening to Govinda

Avatar The Way Of Water govinda

Listening to Govinda, the users took a spin

Now this old video of Govinda is going viral. Some people do not like this arrogance of his. Many people have made funny comments on this video. One wrote, ‘Fun fact: Govinda was also selected for Avatar 2, but he got rejected because he didn’t know how to swim!’ Another user commented, ‘I need this type of confidence in my life.’

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‘Avatar’ is that film, which changed the world of cinema. It was released in the year 2009. It was directed by James Cameron. The film broke many box office records. Now after 13 years ‘Avatar 2’ is going to be released. It will hit theaters on 16 December 2022. It is being released in many languages.



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