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Ayesha Julka spoke on quarrels with actresses, made a heart touching revelation about Divya Bharti

Actress Ayesha Jhulka created panic in Bollywood in the 90s and now she is making a comeback in acting after almost 12 years. Ayesha Julka, however, was seen in the film ‘Genius’ in 2018. Now she is not on the big screen but is making a comeback in acting from the world of OTT. Ayesha Julka, who gave hits like ‘Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar’, ‘Khiladi’ and ‘Kurbaan’, created a stir in the hearts of people in the 90s. He did many films with actors from Salman Khan to Govinda, Aamir Khan and Akshay Kumar. Till the filmmakers wanted to work with Ayesha Julka. But Ayesha Jhulka was replaced in many films, which broke her heart. Moreover, the news of quarrels with many actresses of Ayesha Julka also started coming.

But Ayesha Jhulka says that there was no such thing as a fight at that time. But the heroines definitely had some complaints from the director or the producer. According to Ayesha Julka, there was always a sesame palm made for quarrels. Ayesha Julka spoke about this in an interview to our colleague ETimes. Ayesha Julka also told how the late actress Divya Bharti always used to help her by moving forward.

Ayesha Julka and Divya Bharti, Photo: Twitter & Pinterest

‘Things like cat fights were made of sesame palm’
Ayesha Julka said, ‘I think things like catfights have been over-hyped. We may have been childish at that time. Sometimes very small things happened. There were no catfights at that time. But yes, complaints were made to the director or the producer a lot. I think til palm was built on things like catfights.

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Divya Bharti helped Ayesha Julka a lot, was best friend

Ayesha Julka further gave the example of actress Divya Bharti and told how she used to help him on the sets of his films. Ayesha Jhulka and Divya Bharti were best friends. Recalling the time spent with Divya, Ayesha Julka said, ‘I loved Divya Bharti. She used to tell me that I love you. We were neighbors and used to meet frequently. We did a film together, in which we played the role of sisters. Its name was ‘Rang’. Even though we didn’t meet often, we were very close. There was a connection between us. I did the film ‘Waqt Hamara Hai’ with Sajid Nadiadwala. Then Divya also used to come on the set and say that Ayesha will have to do this film.

ayesha jhulka divya bharti

Divya Bharti and Ayesha Julka in a scene from the movie Rang, Photo: Twitter and YouTube

Divya Bharti used to help Ayesha Julka with great enthusiasm
Ayesha Julka further added, ‘Mamta Kulkarni was also in the same film. Why don’t people talk about Divya Bharti, how she helped me so that I can do ‘Waqt Hamara Hai’? She used to come on the sets of the film in Mahabaleshwar. Let me put my bindi on. Just like the shoes she used to buy for herself, she used to buy shoes for me as well. These are things that people do not know about and it is such a beautiful friendship. We had a very good chemistry during the shoot of ‘Rang’.

Ayesha Julka was broken by the news of Divya Bharti’s death

Ayesha Julka was shocked when she got the news of Divya Bharti’s death. Ayesha Jhulka could not contain herself and kept on crying. Recalling that sad time, Ayesha Julka said, ‘I was among those who first got the sad news of Divya Bharti’s death. I was numb. The brain was not working at all. When I was dubbing for ‘Rang’ after a long time, I could not do dubbing at all. I was just crying. Hence the dubbing was cancelled. The dubbing of the film got canceled thrice because I was not in a position to dub. As soon as I saw myself with Divya on the screen, all the old memories would be refreshed. People don’t talk about the goodness of the industry. Me and Divya had never met before, but when they met, they connected instantly. I don’t think catfights were as important as love.’

divya bharti ayesha jhulka

Ayesha Julka and Divya Bharti, Photo: Twitter

‘Rang’ was released 3 months after Divya’s death
Divya Bharti died on 5 April 1993. It is said that she fell down from the balcony of her apartment in Mumbai. Many films of Divya Bharti were released after her death. Of these, he was replaced by Sridevi in ​​the film ‘Ladla’. The film ‘Rang’, in which Divya Bharti and Ayesha Julka worked together, was also released 3 months after his death.



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