Ayesha Julka was jealous of Mamta Kulkarni, had a catfight with Divya Bharti, said, ‘was jealous…’

New Delhi: Ayesha Jhulka gained popularity in the 90s with films like ‘Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar’, ‘Khiladi’ and ‘Dalal’. After winning the hearts of the audience, she suddenly disappeared from Bollywood. The news came that the actress got married to businessman Sameer Vashi in 2003. Ayesha has told in many interviews that she had deliberately distanced herself from the world of glamor and decided to lead a normal life.

Ayesha has made a comeback to the acting world with the web series ‘Hush Hush’ which was released on Amazon Prime Video in September last year. He talked about his catfight with Mamta Kulkarni and Divya Bharti in an interview some time ago. The actress was asked by the host of ‘Bollywood Bubble’ how she managed to work with so many actresses in ‘Hush Hush’ when there were reports in the 90s that the actress could never work with her co-actresses in peace. Can Ayesha admitted that she was jealous of Mamta Kulkarni and Divya Bharti while filming with them, but they also had a good friendship.

Ayesha Julka married businessman Sameer Vashi in the year 2003.

Ayesha Julka confessed the truth
Ayesha says, ‘Yes, something or the other has been happening. I think we were young and we had a sense of insecurity. There was jealousy. If ever there was jealousy of others, today it has turned into jealousy and I think sometimes such things are good too. Ayesha told that even if she had asked about the dress of a female costar, it would have become big news.

Worked with top actors in the 90s
Ayesha entered the world of acting as a child artist. ‘Kurbaan’ is her first Bollywood film, in which she appeared as the lead actress. The 50-year-old actress did films with stars like Aamir Khan, Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar in the 90s. She is now happy with her husband Sameer Vashi who owns a construction company named ‘Samrock Developers’. She also helps her husband in business work.

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