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‘Bachchu Yadav’ of ‘Shool’ used to earn Rs 165 by doing the job of a watchman, Sayaji Shinde is a big star today

If you all have seen the film ‘Shool’, then apart from the main hero Manoj Bajpayee, you will also remember the white collar mafia Bacchu Yadav, who had suffocated Manoj Bajpayee. This role of Bacchu Yadav was played by actor Sayaji Shinde. Sayaji Shinde started his acting career with Bollywood, but here he did not get the love and recognition that he needed. But where was Sayaji Shinde going to lose courage? When Sayaji Shinde was considered ‘Begana’ by Bollywood, she made her name shine in the South film industry. Once Sayaji Shinde had to wait a long time for a role of 5-10 minutes and today he is considered one of the busy actors of South Cinema.

Sayaji Shinde is also a big name in Marathi cinema. But Sayaji Shinde’s film journey and personal life were very difficult. But the way Sayaji made a mark in the world of cinema by crossing that sea of ​​difficulties, despite being an outsider, is very inspiring. In the ‘Monday Motivation’ series of Navbharat Times Online, we are going to tell you the same story of Sayaji Shinde. How a simple man working as a watchman shone in the film world, he is indeed an example.

Sayaji Shinde in the film Shool

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Born in a farmer family, faced difficult days
Sayaji Shinde was born in a farming family in Velakamthi, a remote area of ​​Maharashtra. The village was surrounded by forest and mountains. Sayaji Shinde had told in an interview that for livelihood, his parents and other villagers would have to spend in the fields from morning till hiding for the day. But the family members did not let the study affect Sayaji Shinde’s studies. Sayaji Shinde did BA in Marathi. Along with his studies, Sayaji Shinde started working as a watchman.

sayaji shinde pic

Sayaji Shinde, Photo: IMDB

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Sayaji used to work as a watchman, used to get Rs 165
Sayaji Shinde’s first job was that of a watchman, who was engaged in the Maharashtra Government Irrigation Department. Sayaji Shinde would also study and then do the job of a watchman. For this, he used to get only 165 rupees a month. After some time Sayaji Shinde got the job of a clerk there and he got engrossed in it. Sayaji Shinde was also fond of drama, so he started doing drama along with his job as an amateur. But Sayaji Shinde never thought that one day he would act.

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Worked 17 years in the bank before becoming an actor
Later Sayaji Shinde started working in a cooperative bank. Sayaji Shinde worked in the bank for 17 years. But the drama continued with the work. This hobby later brought Sayaji Shinde to Mumbai. Sayaji Shinde brought the dream of becoming an actor to the city of Mumbai. He didn’t want to be a hero or a villain. Sayaji Shinde had said in an interview to ‘Idol Brain’ a few months ago, ‘When I came into the industry, I did not come with anyone thinking that I would become a hero. I never thought of creating an image. I just wanted to be an artist. There are still crores of people who are more talented than me. But they didn’t get the chance. For me, every character in every film is important. If I become a villain in a film, I want people to believe in the villain.

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Removed from many plays and movies
The struggle went on for a long time after Sayaji Shinde came to Mumbai. While he was initially kicked out of a play and a stage performance, he was later dropped from a film as well. Sayaji Shinde did more than 300 films in his career, but the tussle of rejection still haunts him.

Apart from Bollywood, earned name in South and Marathi cinema

Sayaji Shinde did many Hindi films like ‘Shool’, ‘Khiladi 420’, ‘Kurukshetra’, ‘Karz’, ‘Road’, ‘Ansh’, ‘Vastu Shastra’, ‘Yeh Mera India’ and ‘Sarkar Raj’. In the year 2021, he was seen in the role of head constable in Salman Khan starrer ‘Antim: The Final Truth’. Sayaji Shinde worked in many films in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Bhojpuri language. Since Sayaji Shinde hails from a farming family, he has always insisted on planting trees. He has planted more than 25 thousand trees so far. He is also a film producer. Sayaji Shinde was recently seen in Chiranjeevi’s film Godfather.



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