‘Bahut Dekhe Tere Jaise’, when the guard started pushing Shah Rukh away from the Muhurta of his own film

When the guard did not allow Shah Rukh Khan: The success of Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan’s film Pathan has once again shown that no matter how many days later Shahrukh Khan’s film comes, the audience throngs to shower love on it. Pathan is running well across the country and its bumper earnings are continuing in foreign countries as well. Overall, King Khan’s Pathan has proved to be a blockbuster. Now that Shah Rukh’s Pathan has become so popular, then it is bound to become viral, stories and videos related to him. A similar video of Shahrukh Khan is being liked a lot on the internet these days, in which he is telling how once a guard stopped him from going to the Muhurta of his own film.

security guard stopped

Shahrukh Khan is giving an interview in this video. During this, he mentions a very interesting story. The Pathan actor tells that he was in Delhi for the auspicious time of the film Shikhar. When he reached the program, the security guard standing outside stopped him. Shahrukh said that with great hesitation I told him that I am Shahrukh. Hero of this film. On this the guard said, “Let’s see a lot of diamonds and pearls like you. Sit here quietly.” Shahrukh once again said, “I am telling the truth. I have to go on stage. Everyone is waiting for me”. The guard did not agree even on this and said, “Hey remove it from here. I recognized this Govil Arun. Won’t I recognize it?”.

Shahrukh Khan tells in the video that after this some people recognized him and started saying that he is Shahrukh Khan, the hero of this film. After this the guard said, “Hey what kind of hero is this. Personality doesn’t look like a hero”. The expression of Shah Rukh Khan, who is narrating this story in the video, is also worth watching. Fans are very fond of this video of King Khan and are also calling Shahrukh very down to earth. Significantly, Subhash Ghai was going to make a film named Shikhar in 1997 with Shah Rukh Khan, Jackie Shroff and Aishwarya Rai, but later he canceled the project.

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