Bappi Lahiri Birth Anniversary: ​​Bappi Lahiri, known as ‘Disco King’, used to consider gold as lucky for himself.

Mumbai: Bappi Lahiri Was born on 27 November 1952 in Jalpaiguri, West Bengal. It was Bappi da whose tunes made a splash in the 80s. Bappi da, who introduced Bollywood to disco and rock music, made the youth of the country dance by giving great tunes and songs in the films ‘Disco Dancer’, ‘Dance Dance’. . As much as Bappi da was famous for his music and songs, he was equally famous for his love for jewellery. When Bappi da came on the stage wearing many heavy chains, he used to force the audience to dance in his special style. He may have left the world on 15 February 2022 after making all his loved ones cry but is immortal because of his music. On the first birth anniversary of Bappi da, tell some interesting things related to his life.

Had Bappi da been alive today, he would have been celebrating his 70th anniversary. At the age when children learn to speak and walk, at that age Bappi da took up the musical instrument. He started playing tabla at the age of just 3 years. By the time he reached the age of 17, he had decided the direction of his career. Although Bappi got music education at home as well, but came into the industry because of famous musician, singer SD Burman. Bappi liked Burman da’s songs very much, so he used to listen to them a lot and used to do riyaz according to the rules.

Bappi Lahiri had changed the taste of people’s music
Bappi Lahiri gave music in the 1972 Bengali film Dadu. After this, the first Hindi film as a music composer was ‘Nanha Shikari’ in 1973. But Bappi da got his real name and fame from Tahir Hussain’s 1975 film ‘Zakhmi’. Music was also given in this film and playback singing was also done, then double the price was also received. After the success of this film, Bappi Lahiri did not have to look back and along with this he worked to change the music taste of the people by entering a new era in the Hindi film industry. Films like ‘Disco Dancer’, ‘Dance-Dance’, ‘Sharabi’, ‘Namak Halal’ were made superhit by giving excellent music. Bappi Lahiri was a famous singer, music director, recording producer as well as an actor. He also worked in some films as an actor.

Bappi Lahiri with Sridevi. (Photo Credits: Movies N Memories/Twitter)

Gold had a special love, a different image was created from it
Bappi da was influenced by Hollywood singer Elvis Presley.. In an interview given to the media, Bappi da told that ‘Elvis Presley used to wear gold chain and I liked it very much. When I used to see him, I used to think that when I become a successful person, I will create my own image and wear a lot of gold. When I got money, I was able to wear so much gold. Gold is lucky for me. As Bappi Lahiri got success, the number of gold ornaments on his body also increased. He was always seen wearing a lot of jewelery in his hands and neck. In this way he created a different image of himself.

Names are recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records
Bappi Lahiri’s name was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records for working in 33 films in a year. Not only this, Bappi Lahiri became the first musician to get the China Award for his famous song ‘Jimmy Jimmy Aa Jaa Aa Jaa’.

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