Be careful! Cyber ​​criminals are now committing fraud by cloning finger prints

Ranchi. Cyber ​​criminals keep coming up with new tricks every day to clean their hands on the hard earned money of the people. Due to which the problems of the people seem to be increasing. Cybercriminals are now cleaning hands on people’s hard-earned money by using Aadhaar numbers and fingerprints. Cyber ​​criminals are making your fingerprints with new tricks and are cleaning your bank account without your authentication.

Cyber ​​criminals are stealing money from your bank account by cloning finger prints. Earlier, where fingerprints were taken from many places like thermal scanners, image boosters, but now plastic adhesives are also cloning finger prints with glue guns.

Let us tell you that you can change your PIN and password, but can never change your fingerprint and using this now cyber criminals are using it to pick people up. Cyber ​​expert Rahul says that avoid using your finger print anywhere and avoid giving your Aadhar card number as much as possible.

Such cases are coming to the fore in the capital Ranchi and money is disappearing from the accounts of the people. Builders, land traders, contractors are becoming the most victims of this type of cyber crime. In most of the cases registered in Ranchi Cyber ​​Cell, there are such people at present and their money has been withdrawn through Customer Service Center or Facilitation Center. Ranchi Police is currently engaged in investigating such cases. Regarding the matter, Ranchi SSP Kishor Kaushal said that at present the police is engaged in the investigation of the case and soon such cases will be busted.

However, to avoid this maneuver of cyber criminals, you have to be very careful or else you can become an easy victim of them.

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