Bhannai Swara Bhaskar lashed out at the opposition for the cancellation of Rahul Gandhi’s Lok Sabha membership

Bollywood actresses are more in discussion about personal life than films. She is known for expressing her opinion on almost every issue of the country with impunity. Recently, after Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s membership was canceled from the Lok Sabha, he has made several tweets one after the other, which have become popular on the Internet. He has targeted the opposition fiercely. However, by doing so, she herself has come under attack.

Significantly, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi was on Friday disqualified from the membership of the Lok Sabha, the lower house of the Parliament. Earlier in the year 2019, he was convicted in a case of criminal defamation. For this reason, a Surat court sentenced him to two years in jail. Now Swara Bhaskar’s anger has erupted over the cancellation of her Lok Sabha membership.

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Swara Bhaskar tweeted

Swara Bhaskar tweeted, ‘How scared they are of the so called ‘Pappu’! Gross abuse of the law to be sure. The growing popularity, credibility and stature of Rahul Gandhi has been curbed and the clear strong strategy for 2024 Lok Sabha is that RG (Rahul Gandhi) can no longer contest. My guess is that RG will come out of this even taller.

Swara’s next tweet, targeted at the opposition

Swara Bhasker next tweeted, ‘Once upon a time such news was read in international newspapers about Russia, Turkey etc. Today India is included in those countries, where democratically elected government and their government system is destroying democracy itself. #RahulGandhi

Actress shared the video

In the next tweet, Swara Bhaskar shared a video and wrote, ‘His Lok Sabha membership is intact! In good days, terror accused have complete freedom to incite arson and violence. Wow judicial system. Told the truth.. naked from the big God!!!’

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