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Bhilwara: Youth engaged in the campaign to make the environment clean, roaming around and planting trees

Ravi Payak

Bhilwara. The slogan ‘Make the environment clean, let’s plant trees’, is heard and seen many times. There are some youths living in Bhilwara of Rajasthan who not only fulfill this slogan but are also very ahead in making the environment clean as well as planting trees and plants.

Plants are being planted by the youth in barren land, pasture as well as outside every house in the village. Iran Paryavaran Mitra was started three years ago under the leadership of Sanwar Lal Jat. So far more than 25 youths are involved in this. So far, he has planted more than 2,100 saplings of different species in pastures and outside village houses. Plants are planted by these youths at their own expense. Not only plants are planted but they are also fully protected. The responsibility of looking after them is being done by the youth of the entire team.

Youth do this work at their own expense
Iran has done this by buying more than 500 saplings initially by environmental friends to plant trees outside the house in the Iran Gram Panchayat. In which various species of trees are included including Conocarps, Neem, Arjuna, Kachnar, Lajstonia, Kanak Spathoria, Gular, Ber, Spothodaya, Bad, Peepal, Bilpatra, Jacaranda.

The youth are also getting the full participation of Gram Panchayat Iran and the villagers in environmental protection. In this initiative, Bhamashao also helped by participating enthusiastically. To contact them, you can contact on 9694355021.

A tanker with a unique painting gifted by an unknown person
In view of the awareness of the environment, an unknown person presented a tanker in which many awareness messages are being given along with not only the environment but also studies. Painting has been done on the tanker, the tree is the shelter of the earth. To save life on the left side of the tanker is to plant trees every day, this message of the people is to be drug free, save your country, save water, save tomorrow. Make the environment clean, let us all plant trees, quit intoxication, connect the house, save daughter – educate daughter and education is the basis of life, the slogan is written, and behind Mahatma Gandhi’s three monkeys who do not see evil, do not listen evil and Gives the message of don’t speak bad.

At the same time, slogans of Swachh Bharat Mission have been written on the left side of the tanker including Hariyalo Iran, Paryavaran Mitra Mandal Iran, Plant trees and earn merit.

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