Bhojpuri director Subhash Chandra Tiwari found dead in hotel room, death under suspicious circumstances

On one hand, where the Hindi TV industry is badly shaken by the death of stars like Aditya Singh Rajput, Vaibhavi Upadhyay and Nitesh Pandey, on the other hand, the Bhojpuri film industry is also in grief. Renowned director of Bhojpuri films Subhash Chandra Tiwari died under suspicious circumstances. His body has been recovered from a hotel in Sonbhadra. According to Inspector Manoj Kumar Singh, in-charge of Robertsganj police station, Subhash Chandra Tiwari was found dead in the hotel room on the morning of 24 May.

The death of Subhash Chandra Tiwari has sent a wave of mourning in the entire Bhojpuri film industry. Subhash was a resident of Varanasi and was in Sonbhadra in connection with the shooting of the film. It is being told that Subhash Chandra Tiwari was shooting for the film ‘Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se’ in Sonbhadra from May 12. Because of this he was staying in a private hotel there. There was also a team of 40 people with him.

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subhash chandra tiwari dies

Sharp pain in chest, returned to hotel after shoot

According to Manoj Kumar Singh, Subhash Chandra Tiwari suddenly felt severe pain in his chest. After this he was immediately taken to the nearest hospital. Later on recovering, he returned and got busy with the shoot. The shooting of the film was over on 23 May. In the evening after the shoot, Subhash Chandra Tiwari returned to the hotel and went to the room. But on May 24 (Wednesday) morning, he did not open the door of his room even till 10 am.

subhash chandra tiwari

View of the hotel where Subhash Chandra Tiwari’s body was found

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broke the door and took out the dead body

The hotel staff informed the hotel owner about this. The owner immediately called the Robertsganj Kotwali police. When the police reached the spot, after cutting open the part near the crackle of the door, they saw the dead body of Subhash Chandra Tiwari lying on the bed in front.

The police is now probing the matter and is also ascertaining the cause of Subhash Chandra Tiwari’s death. At present, the police is waiting for the postmortem report. Only after that it will be known how Subhash died.

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