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Big decision taken on Saif Ali Khan’s look in ‘Adipurush’, makers took lesson from controversies

Director Om Raut’s movie ‘Adipurush’ has been in headlines for the last one and a half months. Ever since its teaser was released, it has been surrounded by controversies. Many pointed fingers at the VFX of the film. Also, people had reacted to the story and demanded a boycott. After this the makers decided to release the movie in June instead of January. He said that he would make some changes in it. Now news is coming that Saif Ali Khan’s look will also be changed.

Actually, Saif Ali Khan is playing the role of Ravana in Adipurush. When the teaser was released, there was a controversy about his look. People objected to his beard and moustache. There was fierce opposition on social media. Now news is coming that the makers have found a cure for this too. He will now remove the actor’s beard and mustache through VFX. According to the report of ‘Etimes’, more work needs to be done on the look of Saif Ali Khan. Now the look of the actor will be changed digitally. His beard will be removed.

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Release date of ‘Adipurush’ was extended
According to the report, according to the kind of controversy that has happened after the teaser, about Rs 30 crore will be spent to make changes in the movie. However, no official information has come about this yet. Yes, just the director had revealed the new release date of the movie on social media some time back. Sharing a poster, it was written – Adipurush is not only a film. Rather, it is a symbol of devotion towards Lord Shri Ram and our commitment to our glorious history and culture. The people involved in the making of Adipurush need to spend a little more time to give the viewers an amazing experience. Adipurush will now release on 16 June 2023. Raghukul’s tradition has always been there, life may go but promise may not go.

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Earlier Om Raut had said this
Let us tell you that when the teaser was released in October, there was a ruckus about it as soon as it came. There were many criticisms. It seemed that everything would be changed but at that time Om Raut had clearly said that he would not change the movie but when legal notices started coming against the movie and petitions started being filed, he changed his mind and said that He is paying attention to it and will make changes accordingly.

Om Raut noted people’s suggestions
In a special conversation with ‘News18’, the director had said, ‘Trust us. For us, our audience is above all. That’s why we are noting those who are giving us suggestions. We are writing down all the suggestions and I assure you that we will not let anyone down when the film releases on 12th January 2023. Trust us, we will do it.



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