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Bigg Boss 16 Highlights: Big Boss got angry at Shaleen Bhanot when he started ruminating on chicken, chicken, said- ‘Stop acting’

Mumbai: In the house of Bigg Boss 16, the debate about household chores and food is also like captaincy and nomination. In such a situation, once again after the fight over food ration in the house, Bigg Boss started a class of Shalin Bhanot fiercely. Actually, in the house of Bigg Boss 16, there was a lot of ruckus about not getting food in the house on Sunday. Bigg Boss also had to join the ruckus that started over the lack of food in the house.

Actually, something happened that when the contestants were trying to find out the quantity of food, then Shaleen went to the kitchen and Gautam Vig gave them 16 eggs. While Gautam and Soundarya were trying to arrange ration for the second meal, Shalin asked Bigg Boss for more protein-rich food. While the quantity of ration was being ascertained, Priyanka asked Saudarya how many eggs had been given to everyone.

When it was revealed about the distribution of eggs, Priyanka came to know about the different number of eggs being given to everyone. In such a situation, Shiva and Sajid sat on a hunger strike. This whole fight got out of control when more contestants joined it. Priyanka talked to Shaleen about the distribution of eggs.

On this the captain of the house Gautam Vig came forward and started trying to solve the matter. But, the tussle between Priyanka and Shaleen escalated even more. As things calmed down, Shiva told Gautam that he should talk to everyone about the distribution of rations. Once again, amidst the chik-chik, Bigg Boss asked everyone to come together and Shaleen to come to the confession room. In the meantime, Bigg Boss also got angry on Shaleen for repeatedly applying chicken, chicken and started a class fiercely in front of everyone.

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