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Bigg Boss 16 Live: Shaleen fought with Bigg Boss for chicken, Archana said – were there no actors who brought it

‘Bigg Boss 16’ is witnessing something new, spicy and fighting every day with the increasing number of episodes. Every day there is conflict in the house over something or the other. In today’s episode, Archana and Priyanka got into a fierce fight. After this Gautam and Shaleen got down to a scuffle. Shaleen’s madness about chicken was overshadowed by her, after which Archana also took her class fiercely and narrated a lot.

Captaincy Task Funny
In the recent promo of ‘Bigg Boss 16’, it has been shown that the housemates have once again been given the task of captaincy. This time only the captains who have become the first in the house have to decide who will become the captain. For this, he was also given a task, which looks quite fun. There were fierce fights and fights.

Archana and Priyanka fight
It was also shown in the episode that Priyanka and Archana had another fight. In this, Archana lives in the kitchen and Priyanka reprimands her for kneading the dough. After this, there is a lot of fighting between the two and some people even laugh. When Soundarya’s name comes in the middle, she also tells Archana why she will be jealous of him.

Shaleen-Gautam got into a scuffle

There is also a dirty fight between Shaleen and Gautam in the house. Both clash with each other. On which Gautam says that why do I come again and again to talk when I don’t have to. Shaleen abuses him and then Gautam’s mercury becomes high. Shaleen’s talk increases so much that even a scuffle comes between the two.

decent chicken
In the next promo, a ruckus has arisen again after Shaleen repeatedly asks for chicken. This time he has clashed with Bigg Boss itself. They are not ready to listen to him and are engaged in chicken-chicken rut. On this, Bigg Boss first calls him in the confession room and says a lot and then Archana tells him a lot. She also says that you would have done TV, why did you come here in Big Boss, if you had to eat chicken.



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