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Bigg Boss 16 promo: Shaleen clashed with Bigg Boss over chicken, Archana Gautam shouted – send it home

In ‘Bigg Boss 16’, one or the other quarrel and ruckus is being seen every day. Right after four weeks, but the contestants have started showing speed in playing the game. But Shaleen Bhanot is engrossed in his chicken. Shaleen Bhanot is often seen demanding chicken from Bigg Boss and sometimes telling the family members that they want chicken because protein is needed. Once for this, Bigg Boss had even reprimanded Shaleen Bhanot. But it looks like Shaleen and her chicken cries are not going to end.

Shalin Bhanot will once again be seen demanding from Bigg Boss to send chicken for him, on which he will once again be reprimanded by Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss refuses to send any chicken to Shaleen. Later, Archana Gautam also expresses anger over Shaleen Bhanot’s demand for chicken. This episode will be telecast on November 3 (Bigg Boss 16), whose promo has been released by the makers.

Big Boss got angry on Shaleen, said – now enough has happened

In the promo, Shaleen Bhanot is seen demanding chicken from Bigg Boss. He repeatedly tells Bigg Boss about this. Tina also says that Big Boss send its chicken, I am speaking for the third time. Seeing this, Bigg Boss calls Shaleen Bhanot to the confession room and narrates a lot. He says politely, ‘Have you told this problem for the first time? this is the last straw. We have no intention of keeping you hungry. To survive this week, that much chicken has been sent.

Archana reprimands Shaleen, gets angry

Archana Gautam also gets furious at Shaleen and tells Shaleen, ‘Doing your TV serials, why did you come here? There is no need for such people here. Send it home first, brother. What is he doing as if food is not available in Bigg Boss house? In this I accept the fault of Bigg Boss. There were so many actors in the market, they would bring them. Have you come here to eat?’ On the other hand, Shaleen clashes with Bigg Boss in the confession room over chicken. Bigg Boss keeps on explaining to Shaleen but Shaleen keeps singing the raga of his chicken. On this, Bigg Boss says, ‘I will repeat again, separately chicken will not come every day.’

Shaleen clashed with Bigg Boss over chicken, but now it has to be seen how Salman Khan will react to it in the episode ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’. Will Shaleen get reprimanded?



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