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Bigg Boss Secrets: 10 Secrets of ‘Bigg Boss’ that were never revealed

Season 15 of the most famous and controversial show ‘Bigg Boss’ will be telecast on TV from 2nd October next month. All the seasons of this show have been in discussion for one reason or the other. At the same time, Salman Khan has been hosting ‘Bigg Boss’ for more than a decade. As everyone knows, there are more than 100 cameras in the house of ‘Bigg Boss’, due to which all the activities of the contestants inside the house are monitored. But do you know that there are many such things related to ‘Bigg Boss’, which are never disclosed. In this news, we will tell you about the 10 big secrets of the show…

1- Fees of the contestants
There is always a question in everyone’s mind regarding the fees of the contestants going to Bigg Boss that how much money is given to them. Many things keep coming out on the basis of speculation on this, but the fees paid to the contestants are never disclosed.

2- cropping of intimate scenes
The intimate scene between the contestants in the Bigg Boss house is shown on TV. At the same time, many times it also happens that the intimate scenes in the house are trimmed. Contestants get a chance to be intimate at many places inside the house. In the season 8 of Bigg Boss, the intimate scene of Gautam Gulati and Diandra Soares was very much discussed. It was even said about this that Diandra Soares had gone out of the house to the hospital for a pregnancy test. He later called these reports ridiculous.

3- Heavy fine for leaving the show
A contract is signed before all the contestants enter the Bigg Boss house. This contract is all rules and more than that, no one knows what happens in it. But it is said that if a contestant leaves the show in the middle of his own free will, then he has to pay a hefty amount as fine. According to the reports, this amount is around 2 crores. In the past, Zeeshan Khan was out of the house due to a fight in Bigg Boss OTT. When Zeeshan Khan had a fight with Prateek Sehjpal, Nishant Bhatt explained to Zeeshan Khan not to do this. On this Zeeshan Khan did not care about the money.

4- Don’t know before joining the show
All the contestants who enter the Bigg Boss house do not disclose in advance that they are going to the show. He neither talks to any media house nor gives any kind of information through his social media. It is only after the telecast of Bigg Boss that it is known how many and who are the contestants in the house.

5- There are staff for cleaning the house!

It is shown in Bigg Boss that it is the contestants who clean the house from kitchen and living room to garden area and bathroom. The contestants present inside the house do some cleaning, but the staff is called from outside to do the cleaning on a large scale. When this staff comes for cleaning, he is not allowed to talk to the contestants inside the house. This has not been disclosed till date.

6- Ban on brand promotion of clothing
Inside the Bigg Boss house, you must have seen that the contestants do not reveal their clothing brands. Actually, there is a ban on the promotion of clothing brands from the house of Bigg Boss. Often the contestants are seen hiding their clothes to the brand. However, this is a secret.

7- Ban on any things related to religion

Contestants are prohibited from carrying any kind of religious related things inside the Bigg Boss house. As he cannot take any religious book, any idol of God in the house. It was shown in Bigg Boss OTT that the Ganpati worship program took place inside the house but the things related to this worship program were made available inside the house itself.

8- Personal requests of contestants
It is shown on TV that in the house of Bigg Boss, the contestants make demands according to their needs. Sometimes these are accomplished and many times they are not. At the same time, contestants also make personal requests from Bigg Boss. No information is given about this. In Bigg Boss OTT, Rakesh Bapat made an idol of Lord Ganesha but was not shown requesting goods for it. In this way it can be understood that the contestants also make personal requests of the things used by them and they are fulfilled.

9- Salman never watch full episode
When Salman Khan meets the contestants of Bigg Boss, they discuss their week long report card. From this you must have guessed that he watches the entire episode but it is not so. Salman Khan only watches what is necessary in the episode. It is also said that there is a team that briefs them about the episodes of the show.

10- Voice and face of ‘Bigg Boss’
The biggest mystery in Bigg Boss remains till date that who is the person who talks to the contestants as Bigg Boss. It has never been disclosed whose voice is this. Let us tell you that this voice is of Atul Kapoor. Atul Kapoor has lent his voice in Hollywood and Bollywood films.


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