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Birth Anniversary: ​​Johnny Walker, who looked intoxicated, never drank alcohol, Guru Dutt gave the name

Mumbai: Johnny Walker made people tickle and laugh a lot with his performance. Now comedy actors are negligible in films, because now it is the responsibility of the lead actors to do comedy. Earlier it was not so, then comedy actors like Johnny Walker, Johnny Lever, Tuntun were famous for their special style. Johnny Walker, the famous comedian of the film industry in the 50-70s, was born on 11 November 1926 in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. His parents named him Badruddin Jamaluddin Kazi. Guru Dutt was the one who made Badruddin Johnny Walker.

Laughing while crying is not less than the worship of God. Johnny Walker was such a god of God. Johnny’s style was such that even if he did not do anything, people would start laughing just after seeing him. The audience still likes the song ‘Sir Jo Tera Chakraye…’. Badruddin’s journey to become Johnny Walker, who has worked in about 335 films, is also fun.

Badruddin used to make the passengers laugh by cutting tickets in a unique way
Badruddin Jamaluddin Qazi’s father used to work as a laborer in a factory in Indore. For some reason the factory got closed. When it became difficult to maintain the family, the whole family moved from Indore to Mumbai. Badruddin used to dream of becoming an actor since childhood, but Badruddin, who has 10 siblings, had to work as a bus conductor to run the household expenses. Bus conductor Badruddin used to cut tickets in his unique style and entertain the passengers a lot. Once upon seeing Badruddin, the famous actor Balraj Sahni had fun.

Seeing Badruddin’s acting, Guru Dutt named Johnny Walker
In these days, Guru Dutt was busy preparing for his film ‘Baji’. He was looking for an actor for a character. Balraj mentioned the bus conductor to Guru Dutt. When Guru met him and saw him acting as a drunkard, he was surprised. In this way, Johnny got work in the film ‘Baji’ for the first time. Dev Anand and Geeta Bali were in lead roles in the film ‘Baji’. The name Badruddin was not matching anything. According to media reports, Guru Dutt named Badruddin as Johnny Walker after the famous whiskey brand. Although even they will not know that this name will become so famous. Guru Dutt liked Johnny so much that he used to write roles especially for him in his films.

When Johnny Walker was in a drunken character, seeing him on the screen, everyone thought that he was drinking and rolling. Whereas the reality was that Johnnie Walker had never touched alcohol. Johnny Walker married his co-actress Shakeela’s sister Noor Jahan. They have 3 sons and 3 daughters. Johnny could not study due to financial constraints, but it is said that the actor taught his children a lot.

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