Bollywood’s first fictional film was ‘Mr India’, Sridevi had changed a special trend, the film became a super hit with a dialogue

Producers and directors of Bollywood have made more than one superhit film in the last one century. Be it Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra’s ‘Sholay’ or Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Baazigar’, people gave immense love to these films, but during this time a film came which changed the entire trend of Bollywood. This film was the first superhero film of Bollywood, where till now people only knew Superman and He-Man. At the same time, Bollywood gave a new superhero to the people. You must be thinking that after all which film is this, which is being talked about here. This film was ‘Mr India’.

‘Mr India’, released in the year 1987, was Bollywood’s first hit superhero film. In this film, the director created such a story with the vanishing band (which was tied on the wrist), which settled in the hearts of the people and earned three times the cost of the film in that period.

Every award was named after the film
Not only in India, this film became a hit in China and many other countries as well. The story of the film was well liked along with the names of the characters in the film. This year, along with Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Director, the film also got the Best Film Award.

dialogue that became immortal
You must have seen this film once or twice from your childhood till youth. Anil Kapoor and Sridevi were in the lead roles in the film. One dialogue of the film became such a hit that even today when people are happy, they say that dialogue of that villain. The dialogue of the film ‘Mogambo Khush Hua’ is not removed from the people’s tongue even after almost 35 years.

The characters also settled in the hearts of the people.
The characters of the film are still enshrined in people’s minds, ‘Mogambo’, ‘Miss Hawa Hawai’, ‘Calendar’ and even ‘Daga’ and ‘Teja’, who are considered to be the left and right hand of ‘Mogambo’ Remember till. This was Shekhar Kapur’s second film, which he directed. After this film, he became so popular that he started getting offers from Hollywood as well.

Earning a lot at the box office
The budget of the film was kept around 3 crores and the film earned Rs 5 crores in India and the worldwide collection of the film was Rs 10 crores. This film became the second highest grosser at the box office in the year 1987. Before ‘Mr India’, the film was ‘Hukumat’, whose collection was the highest.

The story of the film was written in the year 1980 itself.
The film may have been released in 1987, but the writers of the film, Salim-Javed, had written the story of this film in the year 1980 itself. He had written this film keeping Amitabh Bachchan in mind, but when he narrated the story of the film to the actor, he refused the film due to his inability to appear on the screen, after which Salim-Javed became very sad. After this, when Boney Kapoor heard his story, he liked the idea and decided to make the film.

Sridevi had changed a special trend
During the period of 80-90, it was believed that the salary of an actor in a film is more than that of an actress, but Sridevi changed this particular trend with this film. He himself mentioned this during an interview. Miss Hawa-Hawai had told, ‘I was shooting a film in Chennai. Then Boney Kapoor contacted me and asked me to sign ‘Mr India’. At that time I sent him to meet my mother, who used to see all my film assignments. The actress told that when Boney Kapoor met my mother, she demanded double fee i.e. 10 lakh rupees for the film, because she wanted to get rid of this film, but Boney Kapoor gave my mother not 10 but 11 lakh rupees. Gave him a check and won his heart.

When Boney did the shooting with Sanjay Kapoor
Anil Kapoor and Sridevi worked together for the first time in ‘Mr. India’, but hardly you would know that Sanjay Kapoor is in place of Anil Kapoor in a scene of the film. Actually, what happened was that even a ration scene was yet to happen in the film, in which invisible Anil Kapoor delivers ration to all the poor. While shooting this, Anil was short of dates as he was busy shooting for another film. So Boney Kapoor took brother Sanjay Kapoor in the film and shot this scene with him only, but till date no one could know this secret.

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