Born in a Muslim family, later changed religion, ruled the screen for 3 decades, this actress has a special relationship with Arshad Warsi

Mumbai. The life of actress Asha Sachdev, who ruled millions of hearts with deep black eyes, full body and killer style, is no less than a film story. In her career of 40 years, Asha Sachdev spread her style in more than 90 films and TV serials. Asha, who was one of the top actresses in the 70s and 80s, romanced all the hit directors and superstars of her time.

The bold style of Asha Sachdev was also appreciated by the public. The special thing is that Asha Sachdev was born in a Muslim family and her first name was Nafisa Sultan. But her name was later changed to Asha Sachdev. There is also an interesting story behind it. Also let us tell you that Asha Sachdev is also the step sister of Bollywood veteran actor Arshad Warsi. Means Asha and Arshad’s father is same but mother is different.

Born in a Muslim family, became a Hindu
Born on 27 May 1956 in Mumbai, Nafisa Sultan was the eldest of three siblings. Nafisa’s father Ashiq Hussain Warsi was a writer. Nafisa’s mother Razia used to work in films. Ashiq Hussain and Razia had 3 children and both got divorced in the 60s. Nafisa and her younger sister stayed with their mother, Razia, and son Anwar stayed with his father, Ashiq Hussain. After divorce, Razia married IP Sachdev.

IP Sachdev was a big lawyer of Mumbai. After this Nafisa Sultan’s name was changed to Asha Sachdev and her sister’s name was changed to Reshma Sachdev. Asha also wanted to become an actress like her mother. For which Asha started working hard and took acting course by taking admission in Pune Film Institute. After this Asha came to Mumbai and started trying her hand at films.

Asha started getting small roles in the beginning, in the early 70s, Asha started getting some films in the lead role as well. Asha worked in films like Bindiya Aur Bandook, Double Cross, Kashmakash, Hathi Ke Dant and Hifazat. By now the time of 1975 had come, people had started going crazy over Asha’s performances. Along with this, the filmmakers also had an eye on Asha. Asha also started working in films and did not look back. Asha worked in brilliant films like Wada Tera Wada, Woh Main Nahi, Mehbooba, Shahi Lootera, Agent Vinod.

Loved and broke heart, then life did not even get married
Asha Sachdev saw a special phase of stardom in her career. Asha fell in love many times on the film screen, but in real life her fate was no less than a film story. There was a shower of love in Asha Sachdev’s life too. Asha had fallen in love with Kisan Lal who was a lawyer by profession. Asha was soon to marry Kisan Lal.

But a few days before the wedding, Kisan Lal died in a car accident. After this Asha Sachdev did not marry anyone in her life. Asha Sachdev had told in her interview, ‘I have loved Kisanlal in my life. But he left me before our marriage. But I have never been alone. His memories always remained with me.

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