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Box Office: Who will win ‘Ram Setu’ and ‘Thank God’ on Opening Day? Don’t drown the loot of both!

Diwali is celebrated across the country on Monday 24 October. Every house, every street is decorated with diyas and colorful lights. The occasion of Diwali has always been special for Bollywood. Maa Laxmi has been a big blessing at the box office in the festive atmosphere. Even when theaters were open after Corona, Akshay Kumar’s ‘Sooryavanshi’ made the atmosphere more pleasant by giving 26 crores opening at the box office on Diwali of 2021. But will this magic of Bollywood continue in this year 2022 as well? Two big films are releasing on Tuesday, 25 October, a day after Diwali. Akshay Kumar’s ‘Ram Setu’ and Ajay Devgn-Siddharth Malhotra’s ‘Thank God’. However, it looks like the atmosphere might be a little loose this time around. But there is so much need that ‘Ram Setu’ is seen moving ahead in this clash.

Advance booking of both the films has been average. PVR Cinemas has made advance booking of around 5000 tickets for the first day shows of Ram Setu till Sunday. Whereas for Thank God this figure is around 3200 tickets. The advance booking graph for both the films is more or less the same for every major multiplex chain. That is, if seen, the advance booking of both the films is less than Rs 10 crore for the first day.

There is a trick in the earnings of ‘Ram Setu’
Both these films are coming a day after Diwali. So far it seems that there will not be much difference in the opening of both the films. Although the first day collection of ‘Ram Setu’ will definitely be a few crores more than ‘Thank God’. One of the major reasons for this is that ‘Ram Setu’ is getting a great response from the multiplex audience. While ‘Thank God’ is showing better traction on the single screen. Now here’s a hitch that single screen theaters have lower ticket prices. Therefore, the hold of ‘Ram Setu’ in multiplexes will increase its earnings. However, there is one more thing that both the films can be very similar in terms of footfall. Footfall means how many people came to watch the film.

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‘Ram Setu’ trailer

Together both the films can earn 25-26 crores
From the figures that are coming out so far, it seems that both the films i.e. ‘Raat Setu’ and ‘Thank God’ together can earn 25-26 crores on the first day. One more thing to note here is that neither Akshay Kumar’s ‘Ram Setu’ nor Ajay Devgan-Siddharth Malhotra’s ‘Thank God’ has gone through a lot of hard work. That is, despite the release on the occasion of Diwali, the makers have not celebrated these films like an event. In such a situation, both the films will have to win the hearts of the public on the basis of the content.

‘Thank God’ trailer

How much will ‘Ram Setu’ and ‘Thank God’ earn on the first day
With the help of word of mouth, the earnings of both the films will increase, that much is certain. While ‘Ram Setu’ is an adventure drama, ‘Thank God’ is a comedy film. Considering the advance booking and the response received by the trailers of both the films, it looks like ‘Ram Setu’ may earn Rs 12-14 crores on the first day. Whereas ‘Thank God’ can collect 10-12 crores on the opening day.

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If this disturbance happens somewhere, the loot of both will drown.
Here one more thing needs to be noted. Akshay Kumar’s last three films, ‘Bachchan Pandey’, ‘Samrat Prithviraj’ and ‘Raksha Bandhan’, released in theaters this year, have all flopped badly. There has also been a lot of trolling on his social media. However, people have liked the trailer of ‘Ram Setu’. While on the other hand ‘Thank God’ is in controversy since the trailer release. Advance booking of both the films is also not very good. In such a situation, both the films are dependent on the audience line after their release in theatres. Because if seen from the point of view of advance booking, then both these films can earn less than Rs 10 crore on the opening day.



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